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21 July 1988


Overall size of Utran

The capacity of the passenger (up to 20 passengers) and cargo (up to 5,000 kg) Utran modules contradicts to the trends of modern transport development, be it automobile, raiway or air transport, where the capacity and size of vehicles are constantly increasing. However, this is done in the existing transport not because of a good life, but with the aim to reduce the cost and raise safety of transportation. Although the last transport accidents, especially in aviation, horrify by a staggering number of simultaneous victims, which is due to the large capacity of a transport unit. The only mode of transport, which is not affected by this trend, is a passenger car. Like a hundred years ago, it has the same size and the same carrying capacity. This is its main advantage, that is why it became a personal, family and most mass-produced means of transportation (it is hard to imagine a passenger car with a capacity of, say, 100 people).

Utran will occupy the same niche as the passenger car. Therefore, a passenger will not depend on the schedule of traffic on the track having a personal module or using a public vehicle (analogue of a taxi). The carrying capacity depends not on the vehicle capacity but on the arrangement of traffic on the route - it is known well that the sea is gathered drop by drop and evaporates drop by drop.

Anatoly Yunitskiy - overall size of Utran

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