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15 October 1988


Anatoly Yunitskiy's interview to newspaper "Gomelskaya Pravda"

The engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy from Gomel says that already today people should think over the removal of the earth's industry beyond the atmosphere. Implementation of the project "General Planetary Vehicle" will provide an opportunity to deliver to the near space millions of tons of cargo and thousands of builders of orbital cities and factories. It is also important to note that this project is considered today as a real alternative to the program "star wars."

The most important result of the 1st scientific and technical conference "Non-rocket industrialization of space: problems, ideas, projects" held in Gomel in April 1988, was the creation of a new organization three months ago in Gomel with the support of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics. It was called the Center "Star world". Anatoly Yunitskiy became its Director.

At the request of the publisher, a journalist of "Gomelskaya Pravda" met with Anatoly Yunitskiy and asked him to tell about the Centre's activities. Read the interview (in Russian) in the newspaper issue of October 15, 1988.

Anatoly Yunitskiy's interview to newspaper Gomelskaya Pravda

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