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26 March 2002


Five months have passed since the day when the UST testing unit was put into operation

A pilot section of the "Track Structure" with the total length of 150 m is a full-scale fragment of one of the alternatives of a real life string transportation system. It was built in October 2001. Since that moment the work has been going on for the systematic monitoring of its condition and investigation of its basic nodes and details.

All tests were carried out in compliance with the approved programme. Different structural components of the UST section were exposed to various impacts such as frost and hot, dry and wet snow, icing, side wind with the gusts up to 20 m/sec. No special prophylactic or repair works were implemented. After a series of runs making use of a simulator of the transportation module with the weight of 6.7 tons no deterioration of the rail heads was discovered.

Based on the outcomes of the conducted tests and observations it is possible to make the following conclusion: during the 5-month period of investigations the structure of a pilot UST section proved to be stable in terms of its key operational indices irrespective of the external force and climatic conditions.

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