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12 April 2002


"Unitsky String Transport - a reality open to criticism but not to neglect: there are too many who need it" - recognized the joint meeting of scientific and technical council of the two Russian Ministries: Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of the Ways of Communications

Report of Mr. Yunitskiy at the joint meeting of two russian ministries

This year the day of astronautics coincided with the recognition of String Transportation of Unitsky as an actually new mode of transportation born in this country. The words in its support sounded from the tribune of the Meeting of Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of the Ways of Communications of the Russian Federation. And this is a fact that we could not brush aside.

In this case it is all-weather, environmentally sound, comfortable and low-cost transportation. A dream of Chukotka's town of Anadyr that sent us a letter asking to build a string bridge over the difficult to traverse estuary.

About an urgent need in this transportation spoke with fervour Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Transportation Mr. Ivanov - Director of Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation - State "Aeroproject" Enterprise. In his opinion, application of a UST in Moscow "Sheremetyevo" airport alone could bring an annual profit estimated at USD 20 million. "Long live the new transportation system!"- with these words he finished his presentation.

Quite a lot of criticism expressed about the system had rather a constructive and benevolent than a deadlock nature. About one hundred of visitors who came to the town of Ozyory to evaluate Unitsky's "know-how" turned to be wise and farsighted people. Even those opponents who were most skeptical about the safety of a string track when turned to be near the testing ground were crowding in line to take a drive along the unique road. Nobody felt fear.

The experts of Unitsky Company took good note of the really valuable comments and advice given by the leading lights of transportation in the course of the STC Meeting. It was not a daily occurrence and a good chance for them to get free-of-charge aid in their work from the flower of the national scientific and technical community. Only during one year of its existence "Unitsky SPC", registered on April 13, 2001, managed to acquire a great popularity among the scientific society that knows very well how difficult it is to achieve anything without financial support of the state.

Read the report (in Russian) and see photos from the Joint Meeting of Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Ministry of Transportation, Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Ministry of Railways and the interagency working group on high-speed off-street traffic.

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