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11 March 2005


Investment memorandum "Development and commercial use of Unitsky String Transport"

Investment memorandum "Development and commercial use of Unitsky String Transport" developed on the order of Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy, General Designer and author of String Transport, and Executive Bureau of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT).

Investment memorandum: Development and commercial use of Unitsky String Transport

The present Investment Memorandum was prepared for institutional and private investors interested in the efficient investment of their capital.

The given document is a well-grounded proposal aimed to invite a potential strategic partner to take part in the Programme with the aim to promote commercial application of a principally new type of a transportation system - Unitsky String Transport (UST).

It should be noted that we do not mean construction of a concrete route but rather finalization of UST as a finished commodity product ready for commercial use all over the world. It opens up much wider opportunities for Investor who will get his share of rights to all non-material assets received in the course of the Programme implementation.

The present Investment Memorandum formulates the essence of the proposal and prospects for gaining profit on the invested capital. Cumbersome calculations, cost estimates, technical details and many other issues were left beyond the limits of this document. Some of them are given in the Appendix. The authors are ready to provide a potential investor with additional data on the Programme (except confidential information) upon his request.

As far as UST is at the stage of finalization of experimental and industrial development some indices contained in this document are estimated data or data received as a result of preliminary tests and could considerably differ from the actual data.

The main focus of this Investment Memorandum is on the application of UST in Russia that has the greatest in the world undeveloped territory and offers the greatest potential market for the implementation of the UST Programme in the 21st century. However, there is an equal possibility for UST to be successfully implemented in any other country or to be applied for the provision of transportation communication between countries.

The authors of this document do not impose any limitations on the use of information contained in this Investment Memorandum and reserve the right for readers to use it on their discretion with relevant references and within the framework of the efficient legislation.

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