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14 April 2014


"What is the book "We, the Yunitskiy" about and who wrote it?" - video answer to the question No.18

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

Yes, such book is available. It was written by a well-known Belarusian author Anatoly Borovskiy. Actually, it is about the history of our family line of the Yunitskiy. Unfortunately, I learnt about our family line only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We got a folder on our ancestors from the KGB. Before that, we knew nothing about who we are, where we are from. They were all executed as Polish spies in the 30s of the last century. Though they lived in Belarus and never were any spies. We found out that three Yunitskiy brothers, about 100 years ago, came to Polesye (Belarusian region), set up several villages and remained to live and work there.

Therefore, there is a historic aspect here, where we, the Yunitskiy, came from and why I have such last name. Generally speaking, one thing is strange. Yunitskiy in English is Unisky. Uni is Union, sky - it is clear. So, uniting the sky. And the letter "t" is in the middle - it stands for transport. It means: Yunitskiy (Uni) unites the sky by means of transport. If we look at the string track or space wheel, they are on the background of the sky. I have received that last name, I didn't call me that way myself. Though it is interesting for me why I have such last name. And the sources are lost somewhere in the past, we even do not know where we are from. Therefore the book is about the past and then about the Soviet time, about how we grew up in a remote village. I started to make rockets there, though the reason why is not quite clear even to me. I built them. I received a Certificate of Honor for them. When we arrived in Jezkazgan, I already built three-stage rockets. They flew up by several kilometers and returned by parachute. I was a schoolboy then, having nothing. I made rockets using paper. I invented smoke gunpowder using the materials from a pharmacy and a shop to make it all fly. I made rockets using paper and glue. No other materials were available, it was in the early 60s. The book describes how I started to invent, what kind of path I went through. Then how I studied, how I got the idea to start with the outer space. Somehow, I started to think what would happen to the civilization, the humanity, where we are heading on. One might ask: "You're just a student, what do you need it for?"

However, I thought about it, worked and did it. Then I realized that nobody needed it, but I needed it and continued. Despite mockeries and court trials. The KGB pursued me, because I published several articles in the journals "Youth's engineering", "Inventor and innovator" in 1982. Court actions were undertaken against me and the editors of the All-Union journals. They were sued together with me. They were asked why they published those articles. Since in these articles I compared the achievements of cosmonautics of that time with a horse cart. However, it was really so. I just took figures and said: "I am a transport engineer. And what is a rocket? It is a type of transport means. It takes a cargo here and delivers it to the outer space. During 25-30 years since the launch of the first satellite, about 10,000 tons of cargo have been delivered into space. At the distance of 300 kilometers. It is a vehicle. Let's look for an analogue on Earth. What vehicle will transport 10,000 tons at the distance of 300 kilometers during 25-30 years. I found the only analogue - a cart and a horse. The whole cosmonautics with a trillion dollars invested is nothing but a cart with a horse. However, it was popular at that time to speak about living on the Moon, planting gardens on Mars, cities in the outer space. I started to calculate and thought: "How? What cities in space? Let's make a mental experiment. Our population is 6 billion people (it was so at that time). Let us remove all transport means from the Earth and leave only one cart with one horse. 6 billion people will use one cart to get to their work places, travel on holidays, transfer ore, food and so on. It's a delirium. It's also a delirium to explore outer space, to bring out industries there by a rocket. Then I thought - and how? Baron Munchausen's principle. I found these solutions. At that time, long ago. Then I started to develop it. It is described in the book. Then about how I came to the idea of the overground string transport, how I developed it. About the numerous problems I faced. Next court trials, next infightings, next confiscations. I passed it many times. We reached the present day. And I realized that we could not go on moving forward in the same way. Therefore, other decisions were taken and the other way of development, too. This way of development will lead to success. This book is available on my personal website dated 2010 - "We, the Yunitskiy" (in Russian).

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