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24 July 2015


Guest from Ukraine: Vladimir Kharchenko

SkyWay technologies become of interest to more and more people. Doubly nice when partners become good friends. Today the guest of the SkyWay Technologies Co. is an old friend from Kiev, Vladimir Kharchenko: an artist, writer, poet, musician and composer. Presently he specializes in designing and promoting websites.

They met with Anatoly Yunitsky long ago, in 1986, at a conference in Gomel: "It was absolutely incredible, I was completely immersed in this idea of an exit into space without a rocket", - says Vladimir. In the documentary "To the sky by wheel", which was made by order of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics, he says the fundamental things, voices the thoughts on which the Yunitsky project is based: "So far all the technologies were destructive, even if it were a creative technology, it destroyed the environment. This concept is actually the first ecogenic one, which is not destructive, but generative".

The fate has brought the like-minded people together once again quite recently: "I came across the SkyWay project on the Internet and contacted Anatoly right away because I'm tremendously interested to participate in the "reincarnation" of the string project. In its new birth that will be anchored to the ground now, and not to the space, that now is much more important, says Vladimir Kharchenko. - Here, a number of factors are combined at the same time: new technologies, preservation of the environment and great savings of resources. All this together is just brilliant. That's why 30 years ago I began to help in the development of the project with great interest, and now I will foster these ideas in Ukraine with great joy, so that there are opportunities to run this project there, too".

General designer Anatoly Yunitsky told Vladimir about all the benefits of string transportation, detailing the important facts. Vladimir, in turn, shared his ideas on cooperation and promotion of string technologies: "In the late 90s I was completely immersed in the Internet and since then I work a lot on promotion of websites. My first website was created in 1998, then there were others, and now more than 300. I have a hosting, I register domain names and perfectly know all the ways of promotion, know how to properly and most effectively promote a project online with the lowest cost and highest efficiency".

At the end of the meeting our guest admitted that he was always very interested in grandiose projects "It both scares and stimulates for action. Of course, it is good, when you get a certain profit, but it is even better when you leave your contribution in some global performances. For example, I, as an artist, definitely like it when my paintings are exhibited worldwide at exhibitions, and people look at them - it is great, and I have more than 60 exhibitions in 12 countries. After all, it is a kind of conversation with people through art, and here is a conversation with people through technology, an invitation to dialogue. The SkyWay project is the perfect way to talk to people about the future and work together to create that future."

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