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4 August 2015


Address from Anatoly Yunitsky: what awaits us on the 5th stage of development

General Director - General Designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. congratulated the partners with the beginning of the fifth stage of development, which starts on August 4, 2015. The last stage was marked by important milestones in the history of the SkyWay group of companies, which were noted by Dr. Yunitsky. The General designer reminded about the main event, namely about obtaining land for the EcoTechnoPark, where geological and geodesic surveys have been already conducted, and the SkyWay team cleared the land from self-seeding plants.

The creator of the string transport technology spoke about what awaits the SkyWay group of companies further. "Now we are proceeding to the 5-th stage. It is one the most important stages, as the construction of the EcoTechnoPark begins. What is it? During the 4th stage, we have completed the major part of design and engineering works, project and survey works. We have prepared the working documentation. Now these schematic drawings are ready to take shape in concrete, steel and structures. And we are to start the construction of 3 test track sections. A cargo track about 1 km long, an urban one about 1.2 km long and a high-speed one about 15 km long. The main construction site will be started with the first anchor support, which will be combined with a passenger station. We shall place the Zero kilometer sign on the foundation slab of the station and anchor support.

Thanks to your votes we have completed the formation of the "Zero kilometer" collective image - a memorial that symbolizes the starting point of the SkyWay string track. Dr. Anatoly Yunitsky defined the approximate date of laying the sign into the foundation - October 2015.

He also told what is happening in the life of the company at this stage: "Now we started talks on the issues of supplying materials, components and equipment for the EcoTechnoPark construction. These include steel wire of super strength that will be used not only in string structures of rail tracks, but also for string fencing. We have our own equipment that we design, we shall even have our own rolling mill, not a large one, portable, so as to roll rail heads, because we can not order the desired profile anywhere else. Therefore, we order such equipment that industries can produce, for example, for string stretching; also equipment for adhesive bonding, as we shall have high-strength glass in Unibus modules. It's a polymeric material of super strength. Special technology of fixing will be applied there. We are modeling it now so as to ensure reliability at high positions. Glass should not be destroyed and break into pieces. Therefore, we carry out experiments and order materials with which we simulate it at scale 1:1. I'd like to point out that our glass, though only 4 mm thick, would not be broken by a 30 kg bob. That means it's a very reliable structure. We are ordering many other things and continue business talks in a dozen of countries.

We prepare an event called "Plant a tree", but it is not simply "Plant a tree". We have engaged the Central botanical garden of Belarus in the Master Plan of EcoTechnoPark and in the concept of a chequerwise arrangement of the territory. They are professionals, they have developed a composition. We shall have several compositions for decorative trees and bushes. Taking into account the types of soil and terrain they offered the options for planting alleys, gardens, ways of planting trees in groves. Now I have received the Master Plan on the concept of territory arrangement and it all looks very nice. I think there will be no garden like this in Belarus."

At the end, Dr. Yunitsky noted: "We report about all the oncoming events in our news, so please watch the news!"

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