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3 September 2015


International code for share stock of SkyWay group of companies

Dear friends!

We would like to let You know about the next stage of development of the SkyWay group of companies. It is notable that the work on the project continues not only on the land plot in the Republic of Belarus and in the offices of the design department. We also work in parallel on the preparation of company's shares for registration on open trading platforms (stock exchanges) and obtaining necessary documents, verification codes, as well as selection of partner companies.

Quite recently, the national numbering Agency ISIN Organization have awarded our company Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding with an international securities identification number (ISIN).

What does the assignment of ISIN code give to the company? It is an important event in the corporate development of the company; its main task is to confirm the existence of securities of the company and facilitate operations with them in the international clearing-and-settlement systems with the use of automated systems of information transmission and processing. Availability of ISIN code increases the attractiveness of SkyWay shares for private and qualified investors.

The purpose of assigning an ISIN international securities identification code is standardized identification of issuers' securities and other financial instruments within a single system, as well as distribution of these data to participants of the stock market. International identification codes and standard descriptions of securities are used in all sectors of financial business, and they are required to perform precise and effective clearing and settlement operations.

Our number is ISIN - VGG322291094

You can check it out at the ISIN independent database of codes at the link: http://www.isincodes.net

International code for share stock of SkyWay group of companies ISIN - VGG322291094

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