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23 September 2015


Specifics of targeted financing

President of the SkyWay group of companies - about purposes, tasks and functioning scheme of targeted financing:

"Targeted financing is only a part of financing. Funds and investments must come to the project and to the technology. Only technology as a whole will bring payback: supports, track structures, unibuses, stations, terminals, automated control system, unique aerodynamics, motor-wheel and many other things, - all the elements in a complex.

If you become the owner of any object at EcoTechnoPark, for example, a support, we exchange: you give us the support and allow to erect it in the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, and we, in turn, in exchange for your investment give you a share in the group of companies with a large discount. For example, if the support is worth of 10 thousand dollars, then for this investment you will obtain a block of shares with a nominal value of not less than one million dollars. Moreover, we shall provide this support with the inscription of the person's name who financed the construction of the facility. Through this "exchange" we will come to the market, and the whole technology will be capitalized.

The main objective is that the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark started to function, so that we could certify all the three track versions and pass the expert examination. After that, we will start to receive orders - then the whole SkyWay group of companies will get capitalized, and the shares will be worth of nominal value. We do not sell the shares, we have targeted funding: the process of exchanging one property for another.

So, if you own one object at EcoTechnoPark, you are also the co-owner of the whole SkyWay technology, and at larger equivalent, so that after the capitalization of the group of companies the investments fully pay back themselves. Because any investor at this stage runs the risk, as it is a venture project. Not everybody comes to our project, only those who believe, who are able to take a risk, someone who wants to write his name into history".

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