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27 October 2015


The end of interview with the leading transportation expert

In the final interview Sergey Grishin and Anatoly Yunitskiy discussed key points of SkyWay technologies relating to the construction rate of SkyWay routes, specifics of assembling track structures, maintenance personnel and prospects of the SkyWay transport system.

Sergey Grishin asked for what period it is possible to build a SkyWay route of Federal significance St. Petersburg - Moscow - Sochi of 3,000 km distance. On the example of this strategically important project the General designer explained, what work would have to be done to ensure that the construction phase took not more than two years. "A year or a year and a half will be needed for project designing. <...> At the same time preparation for the construction will be done, because we should have to place orders for the production of strings, metal structures, manufacture of unibuses. New plants should be built. Later they will also supply other routes. And after that, it will be possible to build a route of 3,000 km length within a year or two".

Sergey Grishin - President of the Holding company "Novatrans"; former Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation (2000-2002). He graduated from the Irkutsk Institute of railway transport engineers on the specialty "Engineer on operation of railways" in 1980; 1992-1997 - Head of the Irkutsk branch, Deputy Head of East Siberian railway; in 1997-1999 - first Deputy Head of the West Siberian railway; 1999-2000 - Deputy Head, Head of the Department of transportation of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation; in May 2000 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation, in August 2002 was released from the post at his own request.

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