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2 April 2016


SkyWay - locomotive of Russian crowdinvesting

The subject of crowdinvesting is becoming more and more popular in the media. It is noteworthy that in most cases the reference to this model of financing venture projects is closely associated with SkyWay. An article about the SkyWay string transport was posted this week on the website of a popular online media outlet "My newspaper". The author described the funding model used in the SkyWay project, as well as the key features of SkyWay technologies.

"One should not think that the principle of "common" funding has appeared recently. Of course, history knows many cases when money was collected by the whole "world", and we mean the old, Tolstoy's meaning of this word - people, society. In Russia, where due to severe climatic conditions, it is difficult to survive singly, this tradition has deep roots. One of the most remarkable occasions of crowdinvesting is the Balkan march of the Russian army under the command of General Skobelev in 1877-1878. At that time money was collected from all over Russia on the war to liberate co-religionists oppressed by the Ottoman Empire; the investors were both the Royal family members and ordinary peasants.

Fortunately, today there is no need to collect funds on the war. But there exist peaceful promising technologies that need funding and are able to bring Russia glory and respect no less than the campaign of General Skobelev. And, perhaps, the most impressive of them is the SkyWay or Yunitskiy string transport".

View the full version of the article (In Russian) on the online media's website.

SkyWay - locomotive of Russian crowdinvesting

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