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9 August 2016


SkyWay in Australia: construction to begin by the end of the year

The Director of the company SkyWay Transport Australia Rod Hook released information revealing the details of the project development on the green continent.

An article posted by Rod Hook on the social network LinkedIn says that currently the company is searching suitable sites for the construction of the SkyWay transport system in various Australian states. According to the plan, the SkyWay technology test tracks to be created on the country's territory will be integrated with the sophisticated, high-tech manufacturing and assembly enterprises that will be involved in the process of developing elements of transport systems for Australia and promoting the technology at the local market. It is planned to acquire several plots for construction and testing of the track structure by the end of this year.

The company Aurecon became the engineering contractor providing full technical support of the SkyWay project. This company has a vast experience in creating large-scale infrastructure projects around the world. For example, engineers from Aurecon were involved in designing such major projects as the Adelaide Oval stadium, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. The primary task to be undertaken by Aurecon is the collection of topographical and geological data for the upcoming assembly sites and the track section on the territory of Flinders University.

According to the popular Australian tabloid Advertiser, the University administration is considering creation of a transport unit, which will connect the University medical center and the anticipated new train station.

As Rod Hook noted, SkyWay technology is the best solution for several problems of the Australian transport system. For example, the string transport is an excellent alternative to the plan of the State government to build tram tracks in the city outskirts. For comparison, construction cost of the SkyWay track structure will be less than half the cost of a light tramway line. In addition, SkyWay technology has a huge advantage with minimal impact on the environment and landscape.

SkyWay in Australia: construction to begin by the end of the year

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