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22 September 2016


Video reports from InnoTrans exhibition

A report from the display stand located in the exhibition pavilion at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. It is right here that the industrial samples of SkyWay rolling stock and transport technologies are demonstrated to the world for the first time. They offer a worthy alternative to all the ways of transferring passengers and cargo currently known. Our Company presents to the attention of experts and officials from all around the world:

  • a unibus (urban passenger vehicle, cabin capacity - 14 people, maximum speed - 150 km/h, system performance - up to 50 thousand passengers per hour);
  • a unibike (intermediate transport option between a public and personal vehicle, cabin capacity - 2 people, maximum speed - 150 km/h, system performance - up to 10 thousand passengers per hour);
  • a security module for the intellectual SkyWay string fencing;
  • a functioning model of the transport system and much more.

The SkyWay display stand equipped in such a way ranks by significance alongside the expositions prepared by the leading players in the transport market and promises to be a real opening of the current exhibition, where already today the future is created:

SkyWay stand at the International specialized trade fair of transport technology InnoTrans 2016 was attended by the Executive Director of the Belarusian Association "Renewable power generation" Vladimir Nistyuk, who shared his impressions of the event. According to Mr. Nistyuk, "Nothing he had seen was so impressive as what was shown by SkyWay. Each technology presented by SkyWay, is really innovative. The originality of technical solutions and the exterior of the vehicles of the future attracts and shows that this is something extraordinary".

While on a business trip to Berlin, Vladimir Nistyuk is actively promoting the work of SkyWay at the trade fair. In particular, he has already managed to invite to the SkyWay display stand several deputies of the Bundestag, members of the German Ministry of economics and power industry, representatives of the Belarusian Embassy and other officials, potentially interested in the possibilities of innovative transport systems:

The Information service of SkyWay Group of Companies presents the interview with ex-Transport Minister of South Australia, CEO of "Rod Hook & Associates" Mr. Rod Hook. The video was recorded in the unibus compartment. According to Mr. Hook, "at the exhibition, they are talking about being innovative, environmentally friendly and energy efficient - all the things that SkyWay is".

The main task that SkyWay is to solve at the exhibition, from Mr. Hook's perspective, consists in attracting the attention of specialists from transport sphere and officials responsible for the development of this sector to the innovative solutions proposed by SkyWay Group of Companies. In his opinion, this exhibition can play a crucial role in the development of SkyWay project and attract additional investments to it. "People who are excited by our exposition will put money on the table to help us make it happen", pointed out Rod Hook in his interview:

The trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin showed people both the past and the future that have converged on the area of a bit over 50 square meters occupied by the SkyWay booth. It is here that the world was introduced to the commercial samples of the rolling stock of innovative transport systems - unibus and unibike. For the first time since the appearance of the car, people saw a worthy alternative to all current modes of transport, the inefficiency of which is obvious to everyone.

Safety, affordability, friendliness towards the nature, high speed and comfort of travel are something that is vital in the future that SkyWay offers in the present. The video footage shot by the filming crew of the SkyWay information service gives everyone the opportunity to join this present - the present future.

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