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29 December 2016


SkyWay is the answer to the challenge of time

On December 22, the autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO) "Directorate of the Moscow transport hub" held a meeting of the Working Group to discuss the SkyWay technology and its applicability in the Moscow region.

The Head of the Department for targeted projects Kiryl Badulin made a presentation of the string transport technology on behalf of our company. He described the main transport solutions of the innovative SkyWay technology, advantages over other modes of transport, the model range of innovative rolling stock, as well as the prospects for introducing SkyWay technology in Russia. Andrey Zaitsev, Chief designer of the rolling stock Managerial Department and Yury Kashchuk, Head of the Managerial Department on infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment of the Skyway Technologies Co. answered numerous questions of the members of the Working group relating to the SkyWay transport overpasses and rolling stock.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region, General Directorate for road facilities of the Moscow region, National public institution "Directorate of road construction" of the Moscow region, State unitary enterprise "Research and design Institute for urban development" of the Moscow region, General Directorate for Architecture and urban development of the Moscow region.

Currently, the parties are examining the issue of SkyWay technology application in the framework of the planned lines of high-speed off-street transport in the Moscow region.

Interview with Kiryl Badulin on SkyWay technology applicability in Moscow region and other places of the world:

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Quite recently our Head of the Department for targeted projects Kyril Badulin has returned from a business trip to Moscow. I checked up his post as he has been appointed to it a little time before. I would like to discuss with him what he was doing there and what significance the result of his trip has for the development of our project. Hallo, Kiryl!

Kyril Badulin: Good afternoon!

M.K.: Please tell us what Company have you visited and what issue did you discuss there?

K.B.: I went there to attend the meeting of the Working Group in the "Directorate of the Moscow transportation hub", where they discussed the issue of applying SkyWay technology for the project of high-speed off-street transport in the Moscow region.

M.K.: Was it the agenda of the meeting?

K.B.: Yes, it was.

M.K.: The issue is rather difficult from the technical viewpoint. You are mostly an expert on finances and economics. How did you manage to answer the questions from the leading experts of the Russian Federation, Moscow and Moscow region. Perhaps, you had somebody else in your delegation from the SkyWay Technologies Co.?

K.B.: Yes, certainly. I was accompanied by representatives of our engineering team: Andrey Zaitsev, Chief designer of the rolling stock Managerial Department and Yury Kashchuk, Head of the Managerial Department on infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment.

M.K.: Did you manage it?

K.B.: Yes. They were asked a lot of questions. They have been answering them for about an hour.

M.K.: What kind of project did they discuss at that meeting?

K.B.: The project for discussion was called "High-speed off-street transport in the Moscow region". Actually, it is a circle around Moscow 246 km long. In addition, they also discussed a shorter route, the so-called "first start-up complex" 74 km long on the route Podolsk - Domodedovo - Ramenskoye.

M.K.: Could you tell the details? Don't they have transport there? It is clear they have something there. Maybe it should be improved, added, replaced.

K.B.: In fact, at present they have serious transport problems in the Moscow region. They have only buses and electric trains there. Due to it, some new solution is under consideration. It should be able to connect all the towns around Moscow with each other.

M.K.: Do we have any competitors in this project?

K.B.: Initially they considered the so-called "light rail tramway" for this project. However, as far as I know, there appeared some delays with the implementation of that project, therefore now they are ready to consider our project, too.

M.K.: We are very glad that the Governmental recognition stated on February 11 of the passing year in Russia, when the SkyWay transport was acknowledged as innovative at the meeting in the Russian Ministry of transport on innovativeness in Governmental procurement, has received a practical continuation. Nevertheless, we would like to know if we have the same prospects here in Belarus, where EcoTechnoPark is under construction. Perhaps, all these numerous foreign delegations that come to us from different countries also express some interest. Could you disclose some hidden information on the targeted projects as the Head of the Department for targeted projects?

K.B.: Yes, certainly. Just several days ago, I had a meeting on a new targeted project in Minsk. However, it is too early to speak about it in detail at this stage. Besides, we are now considering dozens of targeted projects in various countries of the world. Primarily, these are Australia, India, the Philippines and Turkey.

M.K.: Actually, these are the countries, representatives of which have already visited EcoTechnoPark and attended operation trials of the SkyWay rolling stock. It is interesting what unites these countries in their cooperation with us and what possible individual features they may have. ? The most important common factor for all these countries is that they have transport problems. As Anatoly Yunitskiy likes to say, if we take a globe and simply touch it with a finger, practically in any point we can find transport problems.

M.K.: Right, it really unites all the countries on the planet.

K.B.: However, different countries treat transport problems in a different way. In this respect I would like to give the example of India. It is a large country, which now rates second in the world by population.

M.K.: And second by the economic growth rate. They have even surpassed China.

K.B.: Yes, they surpassed China in 2015. To my viewpoint, they are actively working now to create a basis for further growth in the future. In particular, they treat their infrastructure problems in complex. For example, they have adopted a concept to develop "smart cities" around the entire country.

M.K.: They have defined 20 "smart cities".

K.B.: Quite right. They are planning to implement in these cities the most actual solutions both in urban planning and transportation sector. I think the SkyWay technology will perfectly fit in this concept. The realization of this concept will take India up to a new way of development.

M.K.: Thank you very much. And what are the prospects for our conquering the world market, to your opinion? We have set such target for ourselves. How does this target look like today to achieve it?

K.B.: We are constantly moving towards it. I think we have got much closer to it after the operation trials, because the interest to us has increased by at least five times, to my opinion. In fact, SkyWay is the business that will come to any point of the world eventually. It depends on our customers and partner how soon it may happen. That's why the countries that will take a choice in favor of SkyWay sooner, will receive the maximum. An efficient transport system is the key to the growth of economy and population's welfare.

M.K.: I agree. Those, who believe the first, will receive maximum benefits. It is everywhere the same.

K.B.: Quite right. Therefore, I want to say that SkyWay is the answer to the question posed by the time itself.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Kyril, for the work you have done. I think it is useful for the project, all our partners, all our viewers, all our supporters. I wish you success in the next year in such wonderful business. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project and everybody will be happy to see us in any point of the globe.


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