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31 December 2016


Happy New Year!

The SkyWay Group of Companies congratulates investors and anyone interested in the string transport project with the oncoming New Year! We wish you good health, happiness and financial prosperity!

The SkyWay Group of Companies congratulates investors and anyone interested in the string transport project with the oncoming New Year! We wish you good health, happiness and financial prosperity

Thank you for staying with us all the time during the expiring 2016, supporting us and following our progress.

Thanks to you, the year 2016 became for our company the most dynamic during the entire development period of the SkyWay project: a year of new horizons, discoveries and achievements. We have received support from influential people and organizations, including governmental agencies. We have presented the project successfully at several major international exhibitions. And most importantly, this year certification and testing of the Skyway transportation system have started!

Find more details about the results of the passing year in a festive, last in this year video report from the news service of the SkyWay Group of Companies.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good afternoon! The year 2016 is passing over into history, therefore we would like to recall with you what it has brought to us, both to the SkyWay transport creators and to its supporters. If 2015 can be considered as a corner stone in the SkyWay foundation, as the beginning for implementation of Yunitskiy's string transport, the year 2016 can be rightly considered as the beginning of SkyWay triumphant march around the planet. There was a huge number of events, therefore it is impossible to recall all of them. That's why let us point out the basic milestones. A very important event took place in February. The Russian Federation, one of the largest, most powerful and influential countries in the world, has confirmed viability and prospects of our project. The Expert Council on the development of innovativeness in Government procurement for the transport complex has taken a decision to acknowledge the technology to create SkyWay cargo, passenger and high-speed transport systems as innovative. This recognition has added to SkyWay builders even more strength and confidence in themselves. It also warmed them up in winter frosts when EcoTechnoPark continued to develop against all the odds: snow, wind, oceans of mud. Thanks to the selfless labor of workers and engineers, the demo center has met spring in a new image. After a small clean-up done by the staff of the company, it opened its doors to the investors from dozens of countries who arrived to the first SkyWay EcoFest. Inspired by this great event that gathered above 750 like-minded people concerned about the planet's destiny, the work to create a better future went on. In summer 2016, the joint efforts of the staff from SkyWay and StroyTechProgress brought about the development of the process to produce track structure for passenger, urban and high-speed SkyWay lines. Autumn was primarily marked by the participation of our Company in the International trade fair for transport technologies and systems InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. Commercial samples of SkyWay rolling stock of the fourth generation were triumphantly exhibited there and many international media witnessed it in their publications and releases. Those were unibus and unibike, a security module of the innovative string fencing, functioning physical models of SkyWay transport systems and many more. After InnoTrans in Berlin, SkyWay Technologies Co. took part in five more International exhibitions in the Republic of Belarus, Australia, Italy and Russia. The display stands there also aroused great interest among professionals and were attended by many prominent scientists, businesspersons and officials. Winter started with successful running trials of unibike rolling stock in the workshops at the pilot production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. A little bit later all those following the SkyWay development have seen the operation of the entire lightweight urban system. To watch it, representatives of major investors, engineering and consulting Companies from Australia, the Philippines, Canada, Israel, India, Turkey and Russia have arrived to EcoTechnoPark. Certainly, this footage shows the volume and complexity of tasks solved by the team of SkyWay Technologies Co. in 2016. However, I think this presentation will be more comprehensive if we listen to the key leaders of the Company and to the top management of the project.

Victor Baburin, Deputy General Director on Development: Dear friends, recalling the events of the passing year, I would like to summarize some results that we have achieved together with you.

Pavel Terro, EcoTechnoPark project Chief Architect: We have done a lot. Our objects are acquiring a completed image.

Andrey Zaitsev, Rolling stock Chief Designer: This year we offered to the world the first samples of our pods: unibus and unibike. We successfully made debuts at several International exhibitions.

Alexey Savin, Chief Engineer: Our pilot production facility expands, grows and releases products.

Yury Kashchuk, Infrastructure Chief Designer: We have managed to create track structure with the help of our contractors. We have achieved the things we wanted while designing. It meets our ideas.

V.B.: The demo will show if we have grew up from an Internet project to a real full-scale start-up of an International corporation.

A.Z.: Of course, we had both easy and critical problems.

Y.K.: At this stage we have overcome all the problems that disturbed our work.

P.T.: I want to wish to move forward even faster to get closer to our common goal.

Y.K.: Success in implementing the project. More good spirit. More good news.

V.B.: More strength to achieve all your desires. And Happy New Year!

A.S.: Primarily, good health to everybody, prosperity in the next year.

A.Z.: And also welfare in your families and happiness in your personal life.

A.S.: If the Company prospers, everything else will come along.

Anatoly Yunitskiy, SkyWay General Designer: As you know, the New Year begins with summarizing the results of the passing year. We have reasons to be proud. In 2016, we started operation trials of the rolling stock on our rail-string tracks. We have things to strife for. In 2017, we want to certify our breakthrough transport technology and to introduce it to the world market. In addition, I want to wish health, love and happiness to all our investors, shareholders and their families.

Nadezhda Kosareva, SkyWay General Director: This year we were a great success at InnoTrans. We have displayed at two exhibitions in Minsk, we were in Moscow. General public got to know about us. I think this year passed very well, but the next year will be much better. Happy New Year!

M.K.: Greetings to everybody with the successful completion of 2016 and congratulations with the oncoming 2017!


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