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10 May 2017


Novosibirsk City Administration: "Future is coming faster and faster"

A long-awaited forum on innovative developments "Urban Technologies 2017" was held this spring in the Siberian capital the city of Novosibirsk. Right after the event ended, the Mayor issued an instruction to proceed with the implementation of the "Smart city" program and to decide which particular technologies will be used in the city as part of this advanced program. As a summary, the moderators of forum subpanels shared their final proposals.

In a comment to RBC information agency, the Head of the Department of industry and innovations of Novosibirsk municipality Alexander Lyulko noted that "It is already perfectly clear that we will introduce an intelligent system of traffic. No doubt, we will implement the technologies accessible for people with disabilities. No need to wait - this is already happening. Certainly, many of the technologies still require research, and many of them are still only in theory, like SkyWay. Their appearance should not be expected next year, however, the future is coming faster and faster, therefore all this is not fiction - this is a near-term prospect.

There are also developments for a long-term solution. These are new modes of transport. For example, the elevated Skyway system. It is a rail transportation overpass mounted on supports for the traffic of special rolling stock. It has an incredible number of advantages, but it is only developing so far. Although it has already been demonstrated at an exhibition in Germany."

Active attention of local authorities to SkyWay transport arose after our Company's participation in the forum "Novosibirsk - a city of endless possibilities", which took place on August 2016. SkyWay Group of Companies actively participates in the implementation of the concept "Smart Cities". After the visit of the Minister of urban development and representative of Dharmshala municipality Mr. Sudhir Sharma to EcoTechnoPark and testing the urban transport system, SkyWay will take part in the exhibition Smart Cities India.

Novosibirsk City Administration - Future is coming faster and faster

SkyWay projects can spread across the entire country due to the National program "Smart Cities". The Smart Cities mission have been developed by the Parliament for renovation and modification of urban spaces. The purpose is to create 109 cities with infrastructure for a friendly and stable society. It is implemented by the United Ministry of urban development and urban administrations of settlements. The Parliament is effecting the program through the creation of "smart" satellites near major centers.

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