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27 August 2017


Teaser to the movie based on Anatoly Yunitskiy's idea

At EcoFest that took place on July 1, 2017 on-site of EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka, the General designer of SkyWay technology Anatoly Yunitskiy addressed the audience of investors in a rather non-trivial manner - by means of a movie entitled "In fumes".

The plot of the film tells about a group of people who are forced by force majeure circumstances to take refuge in an underground shelter due to the consequences of a technogenious disaster. Life support systems of the shelter fail to function. It makes the main characters to face a difficult choice: either staying in a safe room and quietly go on living for several days waiting for death, or taking the risk and trying to get out on the surface and thus be saved. However, it is unknown what exactly is happening on the surface, because the main characters have no means of communication with the outside world.

In the movie, there is a clear analogy with the main Anatoly Yunitskiy's idea about the salvation of the human civilization by means of transferring all dangerous industries harmful to the environment into the outer space. Like the leading characters of the film, the population of the planet Earth is in exactly the same difficult situation of moral choice - either to burn the last resources and remnants of oxygen, thus briefly extending their own existence, or to reach a new level of their development and to present themselves and their descendants with a clean and safe future.

The movie will be soon available for viewing in full and so far we offer to your attention a brief teaser of the film:

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