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20 October 2017


Film "In Fumes"

Once in a difficult situation, the characters reflect on the chain of events that have brought them to the verge of extinction. Who is to blame for what happened? Could things have been different? Is there anything to be changed? What will the world be like without people? The film is inspired by the classics of the post-apocalyptic genre - such films as "Stalker", "The Road" and others. The author is inventor and engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Film director Evgeny Petrov comments:

"The antagonism between advertising and art is a distinctive feature and one of the main vehicles of the age of mass consumption, which gave birth to and exalted advertising. The reverse side of the triumph of advertising and consumption is the rejection of the universal, which has always been the goal and essence of art. The seamy side of this refocusing is the immense damage that we inflict on the environment, willing to satisfy our personal needs.

However, the logic of historical evolution presupposes the removal of antagonisms through synthesis. If there is no synthesis, it stops. Today, we can notice some progress towards such a synthesis. Social advertising is not everything. There are much more ambitious ideas like renewable energy, space industrialization, which is becoming a topical issue. It is becoming fashionable; it sells well. These ideas are spread by Space-X founder Elon Musk, Amazon.com owner Jeff Bezos and others. Therefore, advertising is integrated into art and starts to speak about universal issues as something that can be interesting for everyone. This trend is the basis for the film.

Our film is an attempt to combine as much as possible advertising and art, universal and private interests. It is about the survival of mankind, which is equally important for everyone and each in particular. Anatoly Yunitskiy offers specifically this idea, exactly this product - the survival of people in the future. We tried, on the one hand, to arouse interest in the product created by Anatoly Yunitskiy and, on the other, to talk about critical things - what can happen if people do not reform, do not find the point where the private and the universal unite. Otherwise, it will be too late to look for the guilty since everyone will be guilty. I believe that it is these issues that make Anatoly Yunitskiy do what he is doing, to fight".


Marta — Anastasiya Vasilyeva
Vadim — Alexander Kolobov
Bukharin — Sergey Vlasov
Doctor — Andrey Dushechkin
Yanusov — Oleg Garbuz
BMW driver — Sergey Borzdak
ZIL-131 driver — Maxim Rustikov
Radio voice — Andrey Kholodinsky
Show host — Mikhail Kirichenko
Anatoly Yunitskiy as Anatoly Yunitskiy


Casting — Tatiana Baginskaya
Cameramen — Ruslan Eremenyuk, Vitaly Uhvanov
Director of photography — Nikita Kuzmin
Lighting designer — Leonid Gusar
Audio engineer — Anastasiya Semyonova
Assistant — Vyacheslav Evtukh
Makeup and color correction — Tatiana Nikeenko
Music — Elena Dolgikh
Screenplay and director — Evgeny Petrov

Idea — Anatoly Yunitskiy

© 1977—2017 Anatoly Yunitskiy. All Rights Reserved.