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31 December 2017


General meeting of SkyWay Technologies Co. staff

At the end of 2017, the management of the SkyWay Technologies Co. summed up the results of the work done. General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy and General Director Nadezhda Kosareva spoke to the specialists of design Bureaus and pilot production facility with their number increasing from 230 to 430 over the past 12 months.

The intensive growth of the project designing organization is caused by the scale and complexity of its tasks - creation of radically new, optimal from the viewpoint of physics, safe transport systems and their global scaling. The success of the project depends on the work of SkyWay employees. Their main personal orienting points are responsibility, professionalism, determination and team. The common goal is SkyWay.

Translation of the video:

General meeting of SkyWay Technologies Co. staff

Above 400 professionals united by common goal

Anatoly Yunitskiy: So many marvelous discoveries the spirit of enlightenment is preparing for us. And the experience - the son of hard mistakes, and the genius - a friend of paradoxes, and the occasion - the God of inventions.

One of the major problems we had was the certification. Many people did not believe that it could be certified. They don't believe in it even now.

Creation of a unified safe and efficient transport system around world!

Anatoly Yunitskiy: We have certified it! I can show you the Certificates. Here they are.

These seeming problems are actually not problems at all. However, they are very important and required, because we can base ourselves upon them to rise up and go on moving forward. Without it, we wouldn't have managed to reach what we have reached and proceeded moving on.

Each of us should write plans and follow them. Then we shall implement all these plans together. Happy New Year! I wish you all good health, happiness, love... and problems. Results oriented, normal and good problems for a good start in the next year. Thank you.

Nadezhda Kosareva: This year has proved that we can work as a team. The more we understand it, the more friendly we shall become, the more trust we shall have in each other. It is very important. When we get together, everyone sends a message to what a person believes in. This message helps us all to move forward. I think now nobody would be able to stop our movement. I just want to congratulate you all with the New Year. That year will be much better than the previous one. Thank you very much.

Happy New Year and Christmas!

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