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7 April 2018


Interview before Exhibition in UAE

The General designer of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy details on the priorities of the project development and criteria for their selection, on the strategy of actions for the short and long term, cooperation with partners, specifics of regions for promotion and cities of the future. The conversation is focused on the Future Cities Show to be held in Dubai from 9 to 11 April 2018, coinciding with the planned transition to the next 11th stage in the development of SkyWay Group of Companies.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good morning, Anatoly! I know you have recently come back from the United Arab Emirates.

Anatoly Yunitskiy: Right. Several days ago.

M.K.: What was the purpose of that trip? Do you have any news for us?

A.Y.: The purpose was primarily associated with our work. There are no news so far, because I cannot disclose everything.

M.K.: Oh, yes. Business is actually similar to a war.

A.Y.: Yes. Have you ever heard a command officer speaking in public about the attack plans?

M.K.: If only to misinform the enemy. Nevertheless, you told us in your previous interview that you would be able to report on some result in 1.5-2 months. Is it still in force today?

A.Y.: Yes, it is. Maybe even earlier.

M.K.: Earlier? Perhaps, it is associated with the exhibition in the UAE that will open in several days?

A.Y.: Yes, it is also associated with the exhibition, because some milestone events should happen. Then it would be possible to speak about them publicly.

M.K.: Perhaps, some words about the exhibition called "Future Cities...".

A.Y.: Right. The exhibition is called "Future Cities Show". A very serious and significant exhibition, where "Smart Cities" program will be presented. It is a very important and relevant subject for the Emirates. We shall also exhibit there. Our unibike has already arrived there. We will show our technology, too. One can say the Emirates is a new country with a new infrastructure. It is a compact country, open to innovations, especially to green technologies in transport and infrastructure.

M.K.: Does it mean that the stake is done on the UAE at present?

A.Y.: No, I wouldn't say so. A "stake" is not the right word in this case. This is not a casino. We are not gambling, we are doing a serious work. According to our estimates, the UAE is just the place, where we can start up greatly with our innovative transport/infrastructure technologies. In fact, it is a new industry. Taking into account the economic and financial climate available in the Emirates, their approach demonstrating openness to innovations to the whole world allows us to make a conclusion that this is the place, which can become a business platform for our technology to come out into the whole world.

M.K.: Am I right to understand you that even the SkyWay high-speed transport may be implemented for the first time in this part of the planet?

A.Y.: Yes, certainly. However, it may not be so. We have a number of options: high-speed, freight and urban modes of transport. They are all demanded in the Emirates.

M.K.: As far as I know, we have started feasibility studies for Indonesia lately.

A.Y.: Yes, we are working on them. Moreover, we have received some advance payments for feasibility studies on a number of projects. But these are not project solutions, these are project justifications. It does not mean they will be implemented if we do not get interesting offers from their part. They should be beneficial for our investors and us.

M.K.: However, a feasibility study implies certain payment from the customer. If we perform this work, but we shall not build anything, wouldn't it be the violation of our commitments?

A.Y.: There will be no violations, if the agreement stipulates for us the performance of a feasibility study only. It does not oblige to go on with a project after that. Therefore, the implementation of a project should be discussed with our partners. Primarily, it should be beneficial both for our investors and us. Many of our clients want to realize projects just at prime cost. But if we enter the market this way, we shall not only earn nothing, we shall become bankrupt. Therefore, entering the market is not a simple thing. No need to run and shout cheerfully that we have orders, to hurry starting to build something. We may come to a sticky end, if we do it that way. That's why we are working now on the so-called "bound" contracts and projects. It is right in the UAE that we proceed with such technology of business promotion.

M.K.: I think the clients should understand that the earlier they start cooperation with us, the more benefits they will get in the future. Is it right?

A.Y.: Certainly. We are now determining the promising and beneficial directions. The main criterion for me in choosing with whom to work, how to work and what projects should be done, is the protection of our investors' interests, who contributed to the technology even at the stage of great risks and venture. Therefore, the priority for me is an investor, who made a contribution of his $100 in 2014, than the investor, who is planning to invest $1 million today.

M.K.: Your estimation criteria are completely clear. Naturally, your favorites are the investors that were the first to trust you and your project. They will finally earn more by their rights. If we follow this logic, the UAE are certainly also among the favorites.

A.Y.: Yes, I said about it earlier. In addition, there is one more important factor. They spend huge funds for infrastructure. As far as I know, by the exhibition EXPO 2020 to be held in May 2020, the Emirates are planning to invest about USD 7 billion in the infrastructure only. And we can become the "pearl" of that event.

M.K.: Well, it is a long time until 2020. Now we are waiting for the news from the exhibition Future Cities Show to be held on April 9-11, where you will participate. I wish you success at the exhibition in the presentation of our technology, in negotiations. We will be looking forward to the news. Thank you very much for the interview.

A.Y.: Thank you, too.

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