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9 April 2018


SkyWay technology is presented at the International exhibition Future Cities Show 2018

SkyWay project organization participates in the 2nd International exhibition Future Cities Show 2018, which takes place from 9 to 11 April 2018 in Dubai, UAE. It is planned that the event will gather more than 19 thousand visitors. The central theme of the exhibition is transport technologies and infrastructure projects capable to change the image of modern cities and ensure their sustainable development in the future.

SkyWay technology is presented at the International exhibition Future Cities Show 2018

Future Cities Show 2018 is one of the biggest events in the world of innovations and modern technologies. The exhibition will be an excellent platform for both local and international companies to showcase their own developments. The venue of the Future Cities Show is not accidental: Dubai is a world leader in the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects, including the tallest building in the world - skyscraper Burj Khalifa, "spiral tower" Cayan Tower, sail-hotel Burj Al Arab, etc.

The ideology of the exhibition is based on the sustainable development agenda, a strategic plan approved by the United Nations and aimed at eradicating poverty, preserving the planet's resources and ensuring the well-being of all.

Victor Baburin, Deputy General Director for development of Skyway Technologies Co., comments on the start of the event.

Translation of the video:

Victor Baburin: Hallo, dear friends! Our greetings from the exhibition Future Cities Show, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition has just begun its work, therefore, you have a chance to review the current news on SkyWay and other events taking place at it.

First, a brief info on the exhibition. About 150 countries will be represented at it. Above 20,000 participants are expected. Some words about Dubai and explanation, why this city is presently a major beacon of innovations, of the most modern and interesting achievements happening in the world. It is because this city and this country managed to make a very serious and qualitative technological breakthrough within a short period. Now this country and the city of Dubai, in particular, attracts innovators from all over the world to try to implement here their ultra-interesting novelties related to transport as well. We all understand that cities of the future are impossible using transport technologies from the past. The existing demand for new transport systems, a completely new approach to speed, safety, the rate of construction - it all reflects the requirement of the XXI century in qualitative spurt and qualitative changes in transport systems.

Now we are going to show you our display stand. Today we have exhibited the well-known unibike, a SkyWay passenger transport capsule for 2 passengers. We have also exhibited 1:10 models, our developments with electric motors and security systems. You see the stand is quite large, attracting attention. Therefore, we expect a great number of visitors that will come to us, a great interest from them. Certainly, there will be some surprises mentioned by Anatoly Yunitskiy in his interview. However, everything at its own time. OK, we are starting.

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