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29 June 2018


Tsiolkovsky in transport

Oksana Mun's article "Tsiolkovsky in Transport" published in the popular science magazine "Machines and Mechanisms" begins with the following paragraph: "The string technology, which is the basis of all SkyWay's projects, has no analogues. However, it has both strong opponents of the project and loyal fans. We will not take the position of either of them, but try to trace the path passed by the inventor Anatoly Yunitskiy."

In addition to interesting facts from the inventor's biography and the history of developing SkyWay technologies, the article gives answers to the following questions:

  • What global improvements will SkyWay technology provide?
  • Is it possible to fly to the outer space in a different way, without rockets?

Anatoly Yunitskiy is Tsiolkovsky in transport

You can read the article on the journal's website or in pdf format (in Russian).

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