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9 July 2018


Article "Valuable investment"

If you invest time and money correctly, you can get rich financially and spiritually. A correspondent of the popular science journal "Machines and Mechanisms", co-founder of the financial and legal group "Hermes Holding" Sergey Novikov explained what is special about the thinking of the rich, how to invest correctly and how to recognize a financial pyramid.

In his interview, the international financial adviser talks about the principles of "Hermes Holding" group of companies, which has offices in 20 cities and deals with financial consulting and investments, shares his personal investment experience. In particular, for Sergey Novikov "... SkyWay project is one of the key in the portfolio, one of the favorites. When we took it for investment in early 2016, there were so many risks that it would not succeed, however now all the political, technological and economic risks are lifted, it's only a matter of time - when we start to receive dividends from the shares of this Company or when we can sell our shares on the market in order to get the first marginal profits.

But for me it is more important how this project will change the ecological situation at the global level. This project is not just futuristic but also super technological and highly ecological. At least 300 million tons of fuel per year will be burned less, there will be less emissions. I think that SkyWay will replace almost all the existing modes of transport within the next twenty years."

Article - Valuable investment

You can read the full version of the interview at the journal's website or in pdf format (in Russian).

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