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Vladimir Maslov

Vladimir Maslov is the presenter of webinars

Vladimir Maslov is the presenter of webinars, a multi-skilled specialist and an interesting personality. After graduating from a power engineering college, and then from the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, he has not stopped on the reached level and continued to improve his skills in financial business.

The sense of purpose and proper motivation made Vladimir a really good specialist. The best proof of this are the science degree, 37 scientific articles and 36 publications in print. Moreover, Maslov had numerous appearances on radio and television, including as an invited expert.

In addition to professional development, Vladimir was engaged in a personal one, too. The range of his interests include such unusual subjects as esoterics, QiGong, techniques of Jose Silva. He even graduated from the same-name school of the famous parapsychologist.

Of course, such an active person does not rest on his laurels! Spending leisure time on skis, he devotes weekdays to work - consultations on economic issues and start-up of investment projects. Hardly anyone knows the world of investments better than Vladimir Maslov! In simple and easy language, he explains at his seminars and webinars how a person can realize himself in this area without making the common mistakes of beginners.

How did Vladimir earn such trust and respect? He has been involved in many successful projects on the investment market, in the field of economics and development. In 1991, as a project Manager, he was engaged in the development of local administration in the town of Narva-Joesuu, and, as a member of the working group, participated in the development of self-government in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. He was the vice-mayor of this city. After the success of the first project, he directed or participated in the management of more than 30 projects at enterprises of EU countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Finland.

Vladimir has also participated in the elaboration of the cluster Technopolis based on the restructured State JSC "Dvigatel" ("Engine"), the basic concept of settlements and communities with life-sustaining activities in modern conditions "Spring of Transfiguration" with reference to landscape and territorial structures, laying-out of development strategy for Estonian real estate and national property for the period 2005-2015.

Vladimir Maslov is also the founder and co-author of the creation of the Academy of New Eurasia, the author of the creation of the center for the formation of personnel potential. Those are the places where one can obtain a unique experience, learn to solve unique business tasks and manage the projects of a new type on the Russian and international arenas.

At the moment, Vladimir lives in the city of Tallinn and is ready to share with you his skills and experience in our webinars. Don't miss the opportunity to get valuable information that can be the backbone of the development of your own qualities!


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