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18 August 1985


Transcript of TV program "Sovremennik" about GPV

TV program "Sovremennik" was released by the Belarusian television on August 17, 1985 from 4:20 to 4:50 p.m. highlighting the General Planetary Vehicle developed for access to space by the inventor Anatoly Yunitskiy.

The program participants:

  • Anatoly Yunitskiy, author of a promising General Planetary Transportation System for exit into space discussed in the program (Gomel);
  • Pyotr Klimuk, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union (Zvyozdny gorodok - Star city);
  • Askold Silin, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor (Moscow);
  • Igor Bestuzhev-Lada, sociologist, Doctor of Historical Science, Professor (Moscow);
  • Boris Kalyagin, political observer of Central television (Moscow).

As Askold Silin noted: "... from the point of view of physics, this project is correct and does not cause doubt. This means, debate can be about some purely technological problems. For example, about such a crucial issue as the problem of controlling such a huge structure encircling the globe. It seems to us that if there are powerful computers, this problem is quite solvable for the technology in the beginning of the third Millennium. In the same way as it is quite possible to solve the problem related to the use of superconductivity effect at such a grand scale".

See the transcript (in Russian) of the TV show for more information.

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