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19 December 1986


Article by Anatoly Yunitskiy "Necklace of the planet Earth"

The newspaper "Znamya Yunosti" published an article by a member of the section "Aerospace technology" at the USSR Federation of cosmonautics Anatoly Yunitskiy "Necklace of the planet Earth" (in Russian).

Article by Anatoly Yunitskiy - Necklace of the planet Earth

Imagine a delicate overpass similar to crosswalks across railways, passing beyond the horizon in both directions. The overpass spans the planet along the equator, or goes in a plane parallel to it. The overpass copies large terrains and smoothes the earth's surface microrelief. This structure will be supported on anchored floating platforms over water expanses that are more extended than land.

On top of the overpass there will be placed a route going along it, which is a linear electric motor and a system of the main magnetic suspension. Its rotor is designed to launch the system into the outer space; therefore, it is made of payload delivered to the orbit: raw materials and supplies that will be recycled in space into products and structures. It will be also made of structural elements and their semi-finished products required for the construction of various structures.

Here is the opinion of the Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Silin: "Anatoly Yunitskiy's global project is so daring, and at the same time it is such a simple idea, that causes at first a natural alertness and a keen desire to tear it to pieces. But... gradually you realize that behind the simplicity of the main idea and a very unusual design of its embodiment there is hidden a really deep understanding of the task posed and a courageous engineering imagination, free from the yoke of traditions, coupled with great awareness about the latest innovations in various fields of engineering..."

Judgment about the project by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on forecasting scientific and technical progress of the all-Union Council of the Scientific-technical Society, Doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Bestuzhev-Lada: "In the current political situation on Earth, in the atmosphere of international tension, the arms race, this project is a utopia. But it is not a utopia, if we resolutely turn the development against the arms race, in favor of the general and complete disarmament..."

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