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23 April 1988


Invitation to the 1st scientific and technical conference "Non-rocket industrialization of space" is published in the newspaper "Gomelskaya Pravda"

Today the project of the Gomel engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy is known far beyond Belarus. Articles about the "General planetary vehicle" (GPV) were published not only in Belarusian media ("Chyrvonaya Zmena", "Znamya Yunosty", "Vecherniy Minsk", "Belarus", "Sovetskaya Belorussia", "Za Vysokoye Kachestvo"), but also in the newspapers "Moscow news" and "Nedelya", the journals "Inventor and rationalizer", "Technology for the Youth", "Technology and Science".

The author made reports at the XVII Tsiolkovsky readings in Kaluga, at the International symposium "Social projects for the third millennium" organized by the Soviet Peace Committee. The Russian news agency "Novosti" offered materials about the non-rocket industrialization of space based on the GPV project to foreign editions. Such organizations as the USSR Federation of cosmonautics, Soviet Peace Committee, Soviet Peace Fund, Foundation of human survival and others supported it as a real peaceful alternative to the "star wars" program.

A correspondent of the newspaper "Gomelskaya Pravda" met with Anatoly Yunitskiy before the opening of the 1st scientific and technical conference "Non-rocket industrialization of space: problems, ideas, projects", which will be held in Gomel on April 26-28 this year. During the interview Anatoly Yunitskiy invited all willing Gomel residents to the plenary meeting to be held on April 26 at 2 p.m. in the assembly hall of the House of political education. See more details on the conference in the article "Into space in the name of the Earth" (in Belarusian).

Invitation to the 1st scientific and technical conference - Non-rocket industrialization of space - is published in the newspaper Gomelskaya Pravda

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