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11 January 1993


Transport of the future is the know-how of the Company "Unitran"

The journal of international cooperation from Belarus "Business: East + West" writes about the transport of the future "Unitran". This is a new concept of transport, a different way of life and thinking, when the whole world will be accessible to each person.

First, the "Unitran" will be 2-3 times cheaper alongside with a higher comfort than in a modern car.

Second, even a child will be able to drive the "Unitran", as the only thing needed to do it is to say the code of the destination when boarding the vehicle.

Third, the travel will be cheaper than in a train, faster and safer than in a plane.

And finally, it will not produce exhaust emissions, noise, rumbling and strong electromagnetic fields; it will not need heavy overpasses.

The Company "Unitran" knows what to do to make its transportation system the leading mode of land transport of the XXI century. At the current stage of the project, "Unitran" needs a partner that would be able to arrange funding of Research and Technological Development and the creation of an organizational structure necessary to start series production of this transport.

The proposed cooperation scheme is described in the article "Transport of the future is the know-how of the Company "Unitran"" (in Russian) published in the January issue of the journal "Business: East + West".

Transport of the future is the know-how of the Company Unitran

Note. The Company "Unitran" was registered on July 24, 1992. The authorized capital is 2 million rubles, the turnover is 24 million rubles and the income is 700 thousand rubles. The President of the Company "Unitran" is Anatoly Yunitskiy, an inventor, the author of "Unitran" program.

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