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21 December 1994


Anatoly Yunitskiy: "Belarus can prosper on intelligence"

Last year the newspaper "Gomelskaya Pravda" published an interview with the inventor of a new electric vehicle "Yunitran", a Gomel resident Anatoly Yunitskiy (see "Yunitran: airplane or motor-car?"). Despite the fact that he is the author of 70 inventions with 22 of them applied in the national economy of Belarus and CIS countries, this new vehicle seemed fantastic to some people. It is understandable, because the essence of the project was the author's know-how then and was kept a secret before patenting. Today Anatoly Yunitskiy reveals the know-how.

This is due to the fact that in April this year the Company NTL GmbH (Germany) filed an international application for Yunitskiy's invention with the "World Intellectual Property Organization" in Geneva. Notably, this first application to WIPO was in the Russian language. The Geneva experts have thoroughly studied the project and recognized Anatoly Yunitskiy's invention as a pioneer one on the planet.

For more detail see the article "Belarus can prosper on intelligence" published in Russian on December 21 in the regional newspaper "Gomelskaya Pravda".

Anatoly Yunitskiy: Belarus can prosper on intelligence

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