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10 December 2001


Participation of Unitsky Company in the symposium on theme "Investment Potential of the South of Russia"

Head of the Division for External Economic Relations and Marketing of "Unitsky SPC" Mr. Alexei Kosilov took part in the first international investment symposium "Investment Potential of the South of Russia" which took place at the International Trade Centre in Moscow from 5 to 8 December, 2001. He presented the project proposal prepared by the company with the aim to promote the construction of a UST route: "Stanitsa Blagoveschenskaya - Anapa - Bolshoi Utrish"*.

UST route Stanitsa Blagoveschenskaya - Anapa - Bolshoi Utrish

The main themes discussed at the Symposium included:

  • Investment policy of the Russian Federation and the key issues related to the attraction of investments in the economy of the South of Russia".
  • Target programme: "South of Russia".
  • Investments in the priority sectors of economy in the South Federal District (SFD).

In the course of the Symposium negotiations were conducted on a wide scale with the involvement of Unitsky Company and the representatives of potential investors using the exhibition stand of Krasnodarsky Krai and the exhibits of the towns of Anapa and Sochi for which the relevant project proposals envisaging construction of UST routes have been prepared by Unitsky SPC.

At the same time negotiations were also promoted with the representatives of all regions within the SFD to investigate the prospects for the promotion of a UST and attraction of investments to support the future projects.

Furthermore, Mr. Anatoly Yunistkiy, General Director - General Designer of Unitsky Company, and Mr. Astapenko, Head of the City Administration of Anapa, met to discuss the project proposal for the construction of a UST route: "Stanitsa Blagoveschenskaya - Anapa - Bolshoi Utrish". As a result of the discussion they signed a Letter of Intention with the aim to promote the joint work for the formulation of an investment proposal to support construction of the first section of the proposed route in the town of Anapa.

* link is on the project proposal from May 10, 2002

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