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5 February 2014


Visualization of the "Linear city" concept

The news dated January 15, 2014 "Social significance" says that people should live in environmentally friendly linear cities.

Residential houses in such cities should be low-rise buildings and environmentally safe for surrounding nature and people living in them, in particular, through the use of vacuum string glass for outer walls.

Such dwellings should not take away land from Nature. The soil from under the house should be transferred to the "second level", on the flat roof of the house, enriched with fertile humus equal to natural black soil by its content, and used for year-round automated production of environmentally friendly home food products.

Each family will have its own winter garden. Smart homes will be bright, warm in winter (vacuum glass thickness of 20 mm will replace a brick wall of 1.5 m thickness for thermal insulation), and cool in summer, as the role of natural air conditioner will be performed by a layer of soil on the roof with a growing garden on it without any energy expenses. Raw materials will be sufficient to build not even billions, but trillions of such houses, since silicon dioxide (the basis of the glass) is one of the most common minerals of the earth's crust. At the same time, glass is one of the most durable materials, therefore these houses will stand for centuries.

Visualization of the Linear city concept

The illustration shows one of the variants of such linear city layout in which millions of people can live under comfortable conditions. This city is completely pedestrian. A transport corridor passes through the whole city: a motor road that has a high-speed string-rail track (up to 500 km/h) over its dividing strip at a height of 15 m, and above it, at an altitude of 50 m — an urban route ("air metro", speed — up to 150 km/h) built with SkyWay technologies of the fourth generation.

This is the city I would like to live in. There is everything for a decent life here, and it will be affordable to ordinary citizens, to whom I belong myself. Housing is really affordable here: the cost per square meter is up to 500 USD.

Development of the linear city concept is a continuation of the work started in 1998 against the project of the UN Centre for human settlements (HABITAT) No. FS-RUS-98-S01 "Sustainable development of human settlements and improvement of their communication infrastructure through the use of a string transportation system" (see website news dated September 15, 2000). The work was carried out in accordance with the project document of the UN-HABITAT Centre and the Government of the Russian Federation (see website news dated 24 September 1998).

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