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9 March 2014


"Why has SkyWay technology been created for so long and who has financed it?" - video answer to the question No.1

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

The Transport sector is the most conservative one. The saddle, from its concept to its implementation, passed the way of a thousand years, and for the bridle, it took seven hundred years. Is it a long time or not? Cars, though working on steam, existed a hundred years before Ford. Railways also existed 150 years before Stephenson. But they were different. The helicopter and propeller were Leonardo da Vinci's creations in drawings. Therefore, some serious innovations in the transport industry were sometimes being created for centuries, if not millennia.

If we take our time, we must always pursue the analogy. For example, Siemens has created a magnetic levitation train. His team began to create the technology in 1936; and the first sale was made in 2000: 66 years had passed since the start with 6.5 billion euros invested in the technology. There was only one order for such train. The Chinese government ordered the route (Shanghai - Airport), and it was built in three years. It was the only order for USD 1.5 billion. It is clear that the technology was not paid off, because it was bad. And yes, it is bad, though Siemens invested 6.5 billion euros in it. So everything is determined not by money, not by timing, but by the kind of technology offered. One of the customers who ordered that Siemens technology was the German Government, Ministry of Transport of Germany. Most of the money was spent on the search of the solution: how can that suspension be made? This way or that way? And what kind of tracks should be built? On conventional conductors on superconductors? What specific solutions are needed for the blocks, elements, etc.? Out of all those 66 year, 40 years were spent on the search of the solutions. As for the money, Siemens and the German state paid 4 billion euros for that.

Therefore, we need to understand: what to do and what to offer when entering the market? USD 300 million has already been invested in our technology. This is a small amount of money if we compare it with the amount Siemens invested. And Siemens has made only one version: the first generation of his technology. We now have the fourth generation of SkyWay transport and different types of it, based on RSW technology: freight, urban, and high-speed transport. What is the first and the fourth generation? Using analogy again: the Wright brothers' plane is the first generation, and the Boeing 787 or Airbus A380 are the fourth generation planes.

Therefore, we have invested quite a small amount of money. In addition, this money was invested mainly by me, not by the investors. The investors contributed only 10% of it. I had businesses, back in the Soviet period I headed TTM Center and earned the first three million Soviet rubles. There were shops, the production of goods. I was even a farmer and had the land. And for many years, I had to work without repayment, without funding. I managed to pay all the expenses for the design and engineering offices, and to invest funds just in what Siemens invested. It is now estimated at USD 300 million. Among those who also invested were some renowned men, like Alexander Lebed, Governor of Krasnoyarsk region, Mayors of Khabarovsk, Stavropol, Governor of Yugra Filipenko, the UN (they contributed with two Grants). Thanks to Alexander Lebed's help, as an example, we completed the work and built a testing cargo site in the town of Ozyory. Among those investors were also designers, engineers and researchers, thousands of ordinary people who put their little money at different stages. Therefore, all of them will be taken into account, and they will receive a share in the business commensurate with the contribution that has been made.

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