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10 March 2014


"What kind of technology is SkyWay technology?" - video answer to the question No.2

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

The technology represents a new transport system. To understand the difference, we can give you an example. The car is not a transportation system: it is an element of the transport system, because Ford did not have to build and design a road, asphalt, stations, terminals, traffic lights, semaphores, passways and much more that is included in the system. The plane is not a system either, as the developers did not design aircraft airports, ground control systems and so on. Therefore, the system must have been created only by Siemens (magnetic levitation train). Then the high-speed rail, which at the time was created by the Japanese. Huge amounts of money have been invested into the systems. You cannot make the transport system without putting up tens of billions of dollars into it. The history does not know such examples.

Therefore, we are making the system, which includes the road of a new type: it is an elevated structure, quite different from the railway structures used today. This is a fundamentally different rolling stock, that cannot be found today. Our rolling stock has different inputs, different aerodynamics, different suspension, different supporting system, wheels and so on. We have different infrastructure, as the level of it is different: different turnouts, different control system, different types of stations, terminals, and all the rest. That is a fundamentally new system in the making. The new system is being brought to the new market of the second level. That is, when the transport system is not placed on the ground, but above the ground.

Using analogy, the difference between what people have now and what we offer, is like, roughly, between a conventional land line telephone and mobile phone - they compete, but they belong to different markets. We offer a new market.

And how is our system different from monorail? Monorail, although this name is wrong: it is in fact, a mono truss, having the width and height, and which is very expensive. It has unsteady cabins, runs on a bend and develops low speed. For example, in Moscow, there is a monorail with even a speed limit on it: no more than 20 kilometers per hour. When Stephenson was building the first railway, and it was almost 200 years ago, he made a bet with someone, that he could develop the speed of 50 kilometers per hour on his railway. He won the bet. So super modern road, Moscow monorail, has a speed of only 20 kilometers per hour, and that is after 200 years after Stephenson, who won the bet on 50 km/h! There must be a number of reasons and faults, why the modern monorail is so slow. We do not have such flaws in our elevated structure, as they are eliminated. Therefore, it is a completely different design, which is 20 times cheaper, and the speed is minimum 10 times higher than the monorail. As for the operating costs and durability, ours are at least 5 times better. The prime cost of transportation, i.e. the cost of energy, staff, depreciation, investment, is also at least ten times better.

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