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11 March 2014


"What kind of global advantages will SkyWay technology bring to the world?" - video answer to the question No.3

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

The advantages are really great. They come from many different areas and industries. For you to understand it better, let's take for example, Russia, where it is planned to build high-speed railway from Moscow to Kazan, the cost of which is trillion rubles. The annual subsidies is 300 billion rubles! The ticket will cost a minimum of 5,000 rubles. Tell me, who needs such a road? - The officials need it to steal money, which is our money, the budget one!

The transport system should be different: cheap, safe, ecological, economic, and transportation has to be cheap and safe for all of us, the users. And we are ordinary users. For this to be realized, we need to build millions of kilometers of our roads.

Nowadays, in the world, there have been built 35 million kilometers of roads, one million km of railways. There are also pipes and pipelines (approx. one million kilometers). But the entire transport infrastructure should be different in the twenty-first century, completely different. The existing transport infrastructure kills 1.5 million people and makes the other twenty million people cripples EACH YEAR. This is multiplied by 100 years means that 150 million people are dead and 2 billion people are severely injured and become cripples. And that is what existing infrastructure "produces". Now imagine that we will save these people: 150 million people will not be killed, there won't be 2 billion crippled people, because what we offer, is a different, the safe system on the second level: no intersection with pedestrians, with animals, no intersection with other transport infrastructures. Therefore, there are no accidents, as there is no driving into oncoming traffic, there is no danger: no snow and ice as on the ground. We have running-off prevention system: our rolling stock does not fly off the road. This system is more secure than the plane, than aviation.

At present, 700-800 people are killed in plane crashes each year. Compared with the death of 1.5 million people on the roads, it is the 2,000 times difference. We can make a more secure system than aviation! All these are social advantages. We will save many lives, and there will not be huge numbers of people who suffered and were crippled in accidents.

There are also resource characteristics. Today's modern transport is very inefficient. It requires a lot of fuel, energy, is environmentally harmful. When we build a network of roads of the second level, they will be high-speed ones. It will be 20-25 million kilometers of such roads in the world, and we will annually save 30 billion tons of fuel. Just think about the number. Nowadays, people extract 5 billion tons of raw oil a year: do you see how much we will save? Our transport is 10 times more efficient than the existing one. If you compare building the traffic overpasses on existing technologies with building our rail string elevated structures with our SkyWay (RSW) technology, 100 billion tons of steel will be saved! Nowadays, 2 billion tons of steel is melted each year! We will save a trillion! Think about the number! Trillion cubic meters of reinforced concrete...

The existing roads robbed the land of its soil, and it is the size of more than four territories of Great Britain. That soil under the roads is dead and plants do not grow on it, but the people need oxygen for breathing. What produces oxygen? - Plants! But they were rolled into the asphalt. Therefore, with our roads, we will redeem the soil and make the world greener and safer.

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