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5 August 2015


A Feasibility Study into the use of String Transport Systems in Australia: full version

Our colleague from Australia - Mr. Aaron Hargraves (earlier we wrote about the tender on the subject "Alternative Rail Technologies", won by Mr. Hargraves) - has kindly submitted to us a full text of "A Feasibility Study into the Use of String Transport System in New South Wales (Australia)", accomplished by him. The document contains 134 pages (more than a half of which consists of annexes with calculation formulas, diagrams and economic evaluation of the project).

Aaron Hargraves. A feasibility study into the use of String Transport Systems for passenger rail in New South Wales / A Thesis. - The University of New South Wales, 1 November 2013. - 134 p.

In this document, you will find the most complete analysis of SkyWay technologies, which satisfy the technical examiner of greatest expertise. On the pages of his large-scale expert report, Mr. Hargraves convincingly unveils all absurd technological myths about impossibility of this technology, and brilliantly proves its high efficiency.

We would like to point out that Mr. Hargraves has carried out the whole set of technology studies independently, getting information from publicly available sources. In connection with this, a question arises - Why do highly-qualified technical experts in far-away Australia spend their time to study the technology developing in another part of the world (considering that most of documentation is written in the language which is foreign to them) and get scientific awards for their studies, while local "experts" demonstrate absolute unwillingness to immerse themselves into the subject and judge superficially. What is the reason for such an effect?

For your attention - full text of the Study of our Australian colleague Aaron Hargraves in English.

A Feasibility Study into the use of String Transport Systems in Australia: full version

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