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10 October 2015


Newspaper "Narodnaya Gazeta" about SkyWay

"Outskirts of Mariyna Gorka. Once a military training ground was here. The territory of 35 hectares, pitted with machinery and overgrown with weeds, was put in order this summer. Work is in full swing on the site. The excavator buckets soil with its scoop. The builders remove the formwork from the foundation. It was prepared for the first anchor station. Soon an unusual structure will rush into the sky - powerful string rails will stretch between supports. High-speed lightweight cars will run on them. If all goes according to the plan, by the end of next year a duplex EcoTechnoPark will appear at the town of Mariyna Gorka. It will have three tracks: urban and freight ones with the length of one kilometer and a 15-kilometer intercity high-speed route. The main thing is that they will be above the ground - at a height of several meters.

The Project design is breathtaking: transparent capsule-cars can be assembled into whole trains. And the transfer of passengers isn't everything. SkyWay transport can perform other tasks: delivery of ore from the open mines, transportation of coal or petroleum. It is assumed that the speed will reach 150 km/h in a city, beyond its limits - 500 km/h..." - read another article about SkyWay technologies on the website of the national socio-political publishing house of the Republic of Belarus "Narodnaya Gazeta" ("People's Newspaper"): http://ng.sb.by/obshchestvo-6/article/poezda-poletyat-po-vozdukhu.html (in Russian).

Newspaper Narodnaya Gazeta about SkyWay

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