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25 October 2015


UNDP in Belarus has approved the results of the competition of "green" initiatives

SkyWay Technologies Co. in partnership with the Pukhavichy district public Association "Pukhavichy krai" applied for a grant in the framework of the project funded by the European Union and implemented by the UN development Program "Support of the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus" within the "Contest of "green" initiatives - grants to NGOs". The total project budget of 5,000,000 EUR is financed by the European Union, implemented by the UN development Program in Belarus and will be executed till December 31, 2017 included.

According to the results of the contest, the joint initiative of the Pukhavichy district public Association "Pukhavichy krai" and SkyWay Technologies Co. called "Greening the roofs of buildings" will receive a grant from the UNDP. Proposed by the partner organizations, the initiative to green roofs pursues a long-term effect from its implementation.

United Nations Development Programme in Belarus

Due to the scarcity of urban land and tense ecological situation in the cities there appeared the necessity of using roofs of buildings and other artificial foundations for the creation of architectural and landscape objects with the application of greenery and landscaping elements. Greening roofs of city buildings is an innovative campaign, which opens up new reserves and makes it a reality seemingly impossible dream of a city dweller to see from the window of his home not flat dull roof surfaces, but gardens and flowerbeds, to breathe the air saturated with the aroma of herbs and flowers.

The use of landscaping on the roofs of buildings and structures allows to improve the aesthetic quality of buildings, especially in multi-storied buildings, to enrich the landscape of the city, to increase opportunities for recreation of the population, which is especially important with the ever-increasing shortage of urban land.

A "green" roof also helps to save space, which is often in shortage in small areas; has a positive effect on the environment, which is especially important for houses located in the city center; protects the roof from damaging impact of UV rays; protects the house from overheating, provides natural air conditioning (gardens and lawns on the roof play a huge role in cooling of buildings in hot sunny weather); reduces the cost of heating for houses; adds additional acoustic insulation; absorbs much of the precipitation and returns moisture back into the atmosphere. The soil, located on a roof of a structure, will reduce the rate of runoff of storm water, snowmelt, the formation of icicles hanging from the roofs and threatening the health and lives of passers-by, including children. In addition, it provides fire safety of roofs, and greened roofs can be used as a recreational area or a playground. It is important that the vegetation on a roof is always unusual. It increases the value of the property.

As a result of this decision, benefits would be provided both for residents and guests of Mariyna Gorka and Pukhavichy district, as well as for all participants of the SkyWay project. With the help of many thousands of investors from dozens of countries, and with the support of the most respected world organization, which unites most of the countries of the planet, SkyWay technologies gain honored scale and momentum, achieving the rated speed!

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