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9 December 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: trussed-string track structure

The trussed-string double-rail track structure is designed for organization of rolling stock movement along two or one string-rail track from above (mounted SkyWay) and from below (suspended SkyWay).

EcoTechnoPark object: trussed-string track structure

EcoTechnoPark Project envisages construction of only single-track test sections, which will reduce their cost twofold in comparison with double-track sections. The track structure looks like two string trusses connected with each other by means of sway rods to the spatial structure. Stressed elements (strings) are located inside the chords and concreted with them. Lower and top chords of trusses are designed as load-bearing beams and equipped with rail heads. The string-rail truss is both a span structure of the overpass, and the track structure and specifically - the rail. Such multifunctional "three-in-one" design allows to make the transport overpass light-weight, solid, cost-effective and convenient for construction and mounting of structures, along with its high strength and durability.

It is possible to learn the efficiency of any structure by means of comparison. Everyone is aware of high efficiency of goods manufactured by the Japanese industry. About 10 years ago, the Japanese built a transport overpass in Taiwan - a double-track high-speed railway - for train movement at the speed of up to 300 km/h. SkyWay speed is up to 500 km/h, and that is quite a different speed. The design of such an overpass (for one span with the length of 35 m) is the following: two reinforced concrete beams, 800 tons each, with the reinforced concrete slab having the mass of 900 tons, located on them, on top of which is the rails and sleepers track structure.

Each support has the weight of several thousand tons, as the pile foundation alone has the mass of up to 1,800 tons (4 bored piles with diameter of 2 m and the length of up to 60 m). According to some expert evaluations, the cost of 1 km for such an overpass exceeds 100 mln USD. For comparison, let us consider material intensity of double-track overpass SkyWay for the same span of 35 m (and also to provide the same speed of 300 km/h), i.e.: four string trusses with the total weight of 30 tons, of which steel makes 18 tons, concrete - 12 tons. The intermediate support mass (the height is about 10 m) - up to 15 tons.

Trussed-string overpass SkyWay is the most efficient solution of all known for construction of transport overpasses. Such an overpass - light-weight, solid, reliable, durable, cost-effective - has no analogues in the world. It is more cost-effective than the above mentioned Japanese overpass in Taiwan by at least 20 times. For example, if in the 21st century there is built just a million kilometers of high-speed overpass ways on SkyWay technologies on the planet, it will save at least 100 trillion dollars for humanity (these funds can be directed for social purposes, for example) and at least 100 billion tons of mineral resources - concrete, steel, cement, gravel. For reference: at present, the length of automobile roads with hard surface on the planet exceeds 30 mln km.

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