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26 December 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: cargo suspended unicar SkyWay for breakbulk cargo transportation

A cargo suspended unicar SkyWay moves along the lower part of the rail-string overpass in automatic mode and is controlled automatically. Such a unicar provides transportation of any cargo - bulk, liquid and breakbulk, including Euro-pallets. It is also possible to modify a unicar specifically for passenger transportation. The motion speed can reach 100 km/h and more. These unicars allow to transport cargo other than general cargo of a cargo transport complex, including technical and maintenance and repair cargo, as well as workers and operating personnel at mines.

EcoTechnoPark object: cargo suspended unicar SkyWay for breakbulk cargo transportation

Suspended unicars SkyWay for breakbulk cargo transportation allow to significantly save on a vehicle park for mine maintenance. In this case, the necessity to build high-priced automobile roads and airports for mining needs, which have a considerably less carrying capacity, will become irrelevant.

We offer an integrated solution "two-in-one" - with insignificant appreciation of track structure value the customer gets additional fast, reliable, safe and all-weather transport, which allows to solve auxiliary tasks. This will lead to significant cost cutting for the mining object infrastructure, especially in hard-to-reach and underdeveloped regions.

From the engineering point of view, a cargo suspended unicar is virtually a rail automobile. It combines the advantages of a railway (minor power required per 1 ton of cargo transported, reliability, durability, availability of anti-derailment system, etc.) and of an automobile (high level of mobility, maneuverability, etc.). At the same time, it excludes the disadvantages of the specified conventional vehicles - it is ecologically friendly, low-noise, does not pollute the environment with exhaust fumes or deicing salts, etc.

Considering the complex of its technical and economical advantages, a cargo suspended unicar SkyWay surpasses any samples of the rolling stock in any conventional and perspective transport system - aviation, railway, automobile, cableway, monorail, pipeline, etc. Considering its efficiency, safety, ecological performance and capacity, a unicar has no analogues in the world.

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