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5 January 2016


EcoTechnoPark object: external drive for cargo complex SkyWay

An external drive is a driving mechanism having the power of about 200 kW. It is stationary fixed on the cargo transport complex overpass in specially equipped premises. It transmits tractive or braking effort onto the cargo train-unicar.

EcoTechnoPark object: external drive for cargo complex SkyWay

An external drive can be installed in any point of the cargo transport complex track, where it is required to create tractive effort for cargo unicar drive. External drive arrangement in any point of the track allows to significantly increase transportation length and to practically remove any restrictions as to the length of one product pipeline branch (in contrast to conventional industrial conveyors).

Cargo SkyWay external drive allows to avoid overloading of continuously transported bulk cargo on lengthy track sections (length - over 20 km) and, consequently, not to damage it. It also makes installation of a concentrating mill, having the cost of dozens of million dollars, at the track end irrelevant.

Cargo SkyWay external drive is more reliable and durable than traditional drives having the same power, which are mounted in such vehicles as railway locomotives and trucks of increased lifting capacity. Apart from that, such type of stationary installed drive does not require a high-priced and unreliable catenary system on the cargo track. For example, tracks for ore carriers in Australia are not electrified due to extremely high electrification cost - 800-900 mln USD/km.

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