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16 April 2016


Development Stages of SkyWay Group of Companies

For implementation and funding of activities aimed at development of SkyWay group of companies and SkyWay transport and infrastructure complex as a whole, there was carried out their value appraisal and created an investment instrument - a legal entity under the western jurisdiction within the legal framework based on English common law. This company owns all tangible and intangible assets of SkyWay - affiliated companies, rights for intellectual property and know-how. The control packet of shares of the company-investment instrument belongs to its founder. The remaining part is owned by the holding company designed for shareholders, who, on equal terms with the founder, are ultimate owners of the whole business.

Specialists have calculated the required number of shares (and amount of discount) of the company-investment instrument, transfer of which will cover the expenses for implementation of events planned for each stage.

The planned stages have their timeframe and determine the amount of discount, with which it is possible to get a stake (shares) in the company. The higher the ordinal number of the stage is - the lower the amount of discount is. It is explained by the necessity to comply with the schedule of attracting the sufficient amount of funding to the company with the purpose of successful project implementation and reduction of underfunding risk. In addition, achieving planned indices increases market value of the technology, which also reduces risks and, consequently, decreases the amount of venture award - bonus for risk, which, in essence, the discount is. In this case, the value of blocks of shares purchased by investors at previous stages is increased.

Therefore, each transfer to the new stage is explained by fulfillment of the targeted scope of works and achievement of the planned indices, as well as compliance with the schedule of project funding.

Correspondingly, a change of stage is possible not only with the fulfillment of all activities planned for this period and transfer of the corresponding number of shares. In the process of implementing SkyWay technology, design and engineering enterprise SkyWay Technologies Co. included into SkyWay group of companies - developer of string technologies of engineer Yunitskiy - constantly carries out optimization and search of the most efficient design and engineering solutions, which leads to significant cost reduction. Apart from that, in the process of technology optimization, some pre-planned events can be replaced with others, or become unfeasible for realization. In this case, the stage can be amended according to the funding schedule. Also, SkyWay group of companies on a regular basis carries out optimization of the calendar plan and schedule of funding works on the principle "For smaller investment, accomplish more and faster with the increased quality of work". Therefore, for example, the cost of works for 15 stages was reduced from 300 mln pounds sterling (USD 450 mln - plan of 2014) to USD 240 mln (plan of 2016).

This document is the second edition of "Development Stages of SkyWay Group of Companies", as amended in 2016. The plans of the first five development stages are set out in the original version and were not subject to amendment (except for the timeframe, which is reflected in fact). Over the past period (from the first to the fifth development stages), the technology got significantly less investment than it was planned, which means considerable underfunding. For this very reason, engineer Yunitskiy has to correct and optimize the following stages, in order to accomplish the same and within the same timeframe for less funds. In the document is presented all 15 development stages of SkyWay group of companies with a detailed description of events planned for each period - from January 2014 to December 2017.

Development Stages of SkyWay Group of Companies

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