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1 June 2016


SkyWay string rails: metal supply, start of production

Production of SkyWay string rails has started! At the very end of spring, a convoy of four heavy-duty trucks arrived at one of "BelLuxStroy" production sections. They contain valuable cargo - high-quality steel profile for SkyWay track structure - which was sent from Finland a few days ago.

Film crew of SkyWay information service has visited our partner enterprise at the moment, which is so important for our project development, and has recorded arrival, unloading and warehousing of the cargo. For your attention are the shots of this event accompanied by explanations of SkyWay Technologies Co. representative regarding the choice of a foreign supplier and near-term plans on cooperation with one of the leading enterprises in the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of development and production of building structures.

It bears reminding that we have already informed you about our conducting monitoring of analogic enterprises in Belarus. As a result of this monitoring, it became clear that "BelLuxStroy" company uses advanced practices and technologies to manufacture metal structures with the complete production cycle - starting from product procurement and finishing by application of cathodic protective coating. Particularly, the patented technology of cold galvanizing will ensure exceptional protection of high-quality and high-strength Finnish metal, which will be used for construction of SkyWay overpass and string rails, during all 100 years of its operation. Deputy director of our partner enterprise has told us about all this, as well as about other methods of treatment for the cargo arrived in the course of excursion around their production areas.

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