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3 June 2016


What steel is best suited for SkyWay string rails

After reporting about the arrival of a convoy of four heavy trucks from Finland (with a valuable cargo of high-quality profiled steel for the SkyWay track structure) at one of the production facilities of the company "BelLuxStroy" and the start of producing string rails, our information service has received a great number of follow-up questions. We received the answers from Yuri Kashchuk, Chief designer of the Administration on infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment at Skyway Technologies Co.

You will find out from today's interview the reasons for the choice of the steel supplier for the production of the SkyWay string rails, about whether there are any domestic analogues for it, as well as the difference in prices on similar products. We have not left without attention either such issues as readiness phase of the technical documentation, the manufacturing technology of track structure and the percentage of its development, why an additional margin of its strength is needed and much more, with regard to the current development stage of the breakthrough SkyWay transport infrastructure.

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