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21 June 2016


SkyWay in Australia: how it all began

Last week, Minsk office of SkyWay Group of Companies was visited by a delegation from the country, which, despite its remote geographical position, has approached the string transport project implementation closer than any other.

The information service of SkyWay Group of Companies opens a new series of video reports devoted to the visit of the Australian team headed by "SkyWay Transport Australia" Director, and in the recent past - ex-Transport Chief of South Australia, Mr. Rod Hook.

In today's video report we will remind you how SkyWay Australian history began and why it is Rod Hook, who is in charge of implementation of innovative string project SkyWay on the territory of Australia.

Translation of the video:

Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies.

Our today's video report is devoted to the country, which approached implementation of SkyWay technology, and even target projects, closer than any other. Do you think it is Belarus? Russia?

On June, 13, Australian delegation of transport and construction experts arrived in Minsk with a regular visit. It was headed by ex-Transport Chief of South Australia, Head of "Sky Way Transport Australia" and "Rod Hook and Associates", Mr. Rod Hook. Rod Hook is known as a respectable and experienced leader. Holding ministerial posts, he took part in implementation of various projects, including those related to infrastructure, transport and environmental protection. His successful work changed the quality of living for people in South Australia, particularly in Adelaide. The Port River Expressway, underground speedy viaducts, expansion and reconstruction of tram lines, pedestrian bridges - this is not a complete list of Mr. Hook's activities. Adelaide jokingly became known as "the city of twenty minutes" - that is how much it takes to get from the outskirts to downtown. Recently, however, the road network has been struggling to cope with increasing traffic.

As in the last 10 years Mr. Hook was responsible for supervising and completing projects under the program of capital investments in transport and infrastructure totaling more than USD 10 billion, he could not but notice the growing transportation problem. That's why Rod Hook got interested in breakthrough transport technologies SkyWay.

Mr. Rod Hook visited Minsk office SkyWay for the first time in September, last year, when the construction of EcoTechnoPark had just started. During their first visit, the Australians got an insight into the technology and the team creating it, visited a construction site and, having made sure of the promising outlook of transport solutions SkyWay for Australia, they coordinated a plan of further activities with Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Upon his return to Australia, Rod Hook made all efforts to provide the necessary conditions for taking SkyWay project to the Australian market. The result of the executed work became achievement of an agreement with Flinders University on the construction of a 500-meter SkyWay track section, which will provide the best connection for Bedford Campus and Flinders Medical Center, as well as with the planned railway station Flinders, which will be an extension of the existing railway from Tonsley station.

The project received a wide public response in Australian media and representatives of several large engineering companies claimed their interest in its development. Upon the results of preliminary negotiations, there was formed a delegation from the list of interested persons headed by Mr. Rod Hook himself, who arrived in Minsk. The purpose of their visit was to carry out expert examination of the technology, as well as to negotiate technical details of the next cooperation stage on implementation of target projects in Australia. However, the agenda of the visit actually turned out to be much busier.

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