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6 July 2016


Experimental production facility "Unibus"

Video report highlights the visit of the Australian delegation to EcoTechnoPark and to the restricted workshops of the experimental production facility "Unibus", where top-secret work is under way on creating full-scale models and commercial samples of SkyWay rolling stock.

The foreign guests were shown the current construction stage of the SkyWay demonstration center (where they literally tasted innovations) as well as reviewed works on creating the track structure, infrastructure facilities and rolling stock, which is planned for presentation to the international community in a couple of months at the International trade fair InnoTrans in Berlin.

Watch in our today's release what impressions Rod Hook's team had after they saw it all.

Translation of the video:

Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies.

Today we offer to your attention the report on the visit of the Australian delegation to the Minsk SkyWay office. You will see how our guests visited EcoTechnoPark, as well as the restricted workshops of the experimental production facility "Unibus," where top-secret work is under way on the creation of SkyWay rolling stock, in particular, full-scale models and commercial samples.

We have already reported about the move of the model-prototyping workshop into new, more spacious premises, which allow to test functioning models of full size and to produce commercial samples of rolling stock. The features of the new space also allow to test the track structure elements more close to their actual size. In addition to this, we can say that the center of model-prototyping work was transformed into the experimental production facility "Unibus", which acquired its own Director Alexander Sinkevich, a legendary personality in motorsports, without exaggeration. He was at the forefront of the team of the late 80-ies - early 90-ies of the last century, which with great success participated in European circuit road races on "MAZ" trucks. In addition, during his career, rich for bright achievements, Alexander managed to acquire considerable experience in creating hybrid technologies, which naturally led him into the SkyWay project. At his previous place of work, he has created the concept and became the first designer of a new modern city car with a hybrid drive. In the end, the tour with such an experienced guide was very instructive and entertaining.

The experimental production facility of the SkyWay technologies Co. impressed foreign guests with a course of works on creating the track structure, infrastructure facilities and rolling stock, which is planned for presentation to the international community at the International trade fair InnoTrans in September 2016 in Berlin.

In particular, they appreciated the maturity of the unibike chassis and the quality of preparing moulds for the manufacture of its body, the thorough designing of the unibus internal space, felt the comfort of riding on an electric bike designed and built within the facility for testing purposes.

Of course, the key point of the visit was to review the current stage of construction. The guests visited EcoTechnoPark, where they evaluated the readiness of passenger high-speed and urban lines: SkyWay transport and logistics hub combined with the terminal anchor support as well as intermediate and 2nd anchor supports. They observed construction of the lightweight passenger line, stopping near a finished excavation pit for its anchor support, and also appreciated the environmental component of SkyWay technologies - the work of our company's team on returning the land buried under existing roads to agricultural use. In their own words, the taste of these innovations is just wonderful.

According to the delegation, the construction advanced very far ahead compared with September, when Rod hook arrived here for the first time during the construction of the station foundation. His colleagues, who came with the purpose of carrying out a technological expert examination, were surprised by the fact that we know all the most advanced solutions that are also used in the work of their company, one of the leading in the world. However, they were surprised even more by the way we combine them. By our guests' opinion, it is done very ingeniously, and they cannot wait to start joint work on implementing the SkyWay project in Australia.

The final moment was the visit to the memorial sign "Zero kilometer" and the indispensable wish making. Today we realize that most of them have already come true, because this visit marked a new stage in the development of the Australian-Belarusian partnership, cooperation issues have been resolved and the documents were signed. All together now - a happy journey along Yunitskiy's Sky Ways!

Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project. The visit of Australian guests was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, as they used to say earlier. It was full of vivid impressions and warm emotions. Support our project, too. Make friends with us, it is good to be together!

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