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23 July 2016


EcoTechnoPark Manager

People who are actively interested in the process of building the demonstration center of Skyway technologies, have long ago begun to perceive the word "EcoTechnoPark" as something familiar and, one might even say - own. However, in yesterday's report of the State TV channel "Belarus 1" most of them saw EcoTechnoPark Manager Sergey Romanovsky for the first time.

The information service of the SkyWay Group of Companies found out who EcoTechnoPark Manager is, what his functions are and what it's like to manage the construction of the Grand object, which hundreds of investors are monitoring. We offer an interview with Sergey Romanovsky to your attention:

Translation of the video:

M.Kirichenko: Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we have a sensational news for you. We offer to your attention an interview with Sergey Romanovsky, EcoTechnoPark Manager.

Sergey Romanovsky - EcoTechnoPark Manager:

  • SkyWay project participant since August 19, 2015;
  • two university educations: historic and economic;
  • work in the field of logistics and supply since 2003;
  • held offices of principal engineer on material and technical supply, chief expert on logistics, Head of supply department;
  • in 2014-2015 - Director of housing and utility sector at Pukhavichy district Executive Committee.

M.Kirichenko: Good day, Sergey!

S.Romanovsky: Hallo.

M.Kirichenko: First I would like to introduce yourself to our partners, viewers, all those who support our project. Tell us briefly about your education for the beginning.

S.Romanovsky: Actually I am an employee of the SkyWay Technologies Co. since August 19, 2015. I am not a new one now. Some words about myself. I am 47, two university educations: the first one - historic and pedagogical, the second - economic (economic manager and enterprise personnel supervision).

M.Kirichenko: What is your work record before you joined the project?

S.Romanovsky: I was engaged in pedagogics long ago. I received work experience at industrial enterprises as the chief expert on logistics, Head of supply department, Head of marketing department. My managerial experience is quite large, 18 years at enterprises in such departments in Belarus, in Minsk region.

M.Kirichenko: As far as I know, you came to SkyWay also as an expert or a manager on logistics and supply.

S.Romanovsky: You can say it like this. At first there was an instruction from Anatoly Yunitskiy to develop supply and procurement for the construction and the whole SkyWay Technologies Co., to line up such service. We have completed this mission, the main business processes are organized. The correct selection of procurement, supplier and contractor saves the expenses by up to 30% if it is done adequately in all aspects. From the scientific point of view. How did I find out about SkyWay? At first I read the book by Anatoly Borovsky "Yunitskiy's Sky Ways". Then we got acquainted with Anatoly Yunitskiy in the Pukhavichy Executive Committee, in Mariyna Gorka. At that time, I supervised the housing and utility sector of the whole district. When allocation of land for EcoTechnoPark was in process, fortunately, I have read this book and become a fan of this idea, this technology. I realized that my efforts, knowledge and experience would come in useful for the implementation of this objective, this dream. Now it belongs not only to Anatoly Yunitskiy, but to all of us, too.

M.Kirichenko: It is nice that the SkyWay team is a team of like-minded people. As I understand, you know perfectly Pukhavichy district, Mariyna Gorka and, naturally, the authorities there.

S.Romanovsky: Since I worked in the district Executive Committee, certainly I knew local contractors, suppliers and their Directors, which helps me now to select them correctly for us. Initially Anatoly Yunitskiy noted that it must be a local person living in this district, because we are rather far from Minsk, about 80 km. Therefore, it will be more convenient for a local man to supervise the territory. In addition, the scope of management is now growing very quickly here, it is vital here.

M.Kirichenko: Sergey, please tell us, as the Director of this test site, what are the main difficulties for you here? How has your attitude to the project changed since you started to work here and since our first discussion on this subject 2 months ago?

S.Romanovsky: Really, I am staying permanently at EcoTechnoPark since May 1. What are the difficulties? The difficulties are as everywhere. The number of contractors is growing. Now we have 4 of them. We have to live in friendship and peace on this territory, to build the future together; therefore, I have to unite these efforts. However, I should note that after the first 2 weeks here the contractors change their opinion and attitude to the object. They begin to work in a different spirit. They get to know more about our project, SkyWay technologies. If ordinary workers did not know earlier, where they were going and what they were doing, now, seeing the implementation of the future dream on their eyes and by their hands, it becomes serious and obvious.

M.Kirichenko: Perhaps, it is becoming their dream, too.

S.Romanovsky: Yes, it is. Talking to the workers, I do not imagine how they will leave this object.

M.Kirichenko: I think they will not leave it. They all live nearby. Maybe they will work here as SkyWay creates here a large number of working places. So, your object may expand not only due to contractor Companies. I mean the number of personnel working under your management.

S.Romanovsky: According to the project, EcoTechnoPark will be a large botanical garden with fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

M.Kirichenko: You are speaking about its ecological part.

S.Romanovsky: By the project we shall need 55 people of servicing personnel to work here after the construction is completed.

M.Kirichenko: In comparison with the work in Minsk, in the office, is it more pleasant for you now here or, on the contrary, more difficult? In short, do you like to stay here more or less?

S.Romanovsky: It is an uneasy question. I like to work in SkyWay most. In any position: either in the office or in the field. I cannot compare it. I am just trying to use my knowledge, experience and efforts to reach our common goal.

M.Kirichenko: Thank you very much, Sergey. We wish you success in such a required work.

S.Romanovsky: Thank you, too.

M.Kirichenko: Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project. Join our team of like-minded people. Build SkyWay - save the planet!

S.Romanovsky: We will save it!

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