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31 July 2016


SkyWay: Belarus and Kyrgyzstan

This week a partner of the SkyWay Group of Companies Kirill Shimko, already familiar to the EcoFest guests, set a world record by budging a Mi-26 helicopter. The champion of the Guinness book of records, dressed in the uniform with the SkyWay transport logo, has dragged the aviation transport on the ropes. The machine weighing about 30 tons has been moved for a distance exceeding 20 meters.

Representatives of SkyWay Capital Ltd. headed by the regional leader Alexey Vasilyev are on a business trip in the key cities of Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the journey is the study of the basis for the further project development in the region, establishment of business relations with representatives of the local administration and business community and SkyWay technology promotion among the population.

From July 23 to 27, the team has visited the cities of Osh, Uzgen, Jalal-Abad, Bishkek. The trip began with a presentation of the technology to the mayor of the city of Osh - the second largest city in the country, known informally as the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan.

The city administration expressed interest in developing the new mode of transport on the Kyrgyzstan territory. The following possible options for specific SkyWay technology application were considered: construction of a recreational route near the sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too that became the country's first World heritage site; the route Bishkek - Osh connecting the country's North and South. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on conducting the second round of negotiations and beginning of work to create a roadmap of cooperation between the leaders of Osh and SkyWay.

In all the cities along the route there were organized conferences at which local residents were able to learn about the SkyWay technology. The events gathered hundreds of participants and received a wide coverage in the local media.

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

The website of the Kyrgyz Telegraph Agency published an article (in Russian) about the event.

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