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12 August 2016


Presentation of SkyWay technology to Unley city administration

On August 9 in the city of Unley the CEO of SkyWay Australia Company Rod Hook made a presentation of the SkyWay transport technology to local administration.

The central idea Rod Hook tried to convey to officials was that the SkyWay transport system is a more beneficial and efficient option for optimizing the urban transport infrastructure than the expansion of tramlines planned for the near future. The main advantage of SkyWay is the low cost of construction (less than half the cost of a light tramway line).

Along with that, SkyWay is characterized by minimal impact on the environment and landscape, as well as a high level of safety. According to Rod Hook's opinion that is hard to disagree, construction and commissioning of new elements of the urban transport system should improve that system instead of increasing its tension due to the introduction of new participants in the traffic and consequent emergence of additional traffic congestions and accidents.

We offer to your attention a fragment of Rod Hook's video presentation with the text translation.

Rod Hook:

"Again how we're gonna fit the tram money. We are not in a position to offer something that can be built tomorrow or even next year. Blundering is putting something on the agenda that does shame. It doesn't have to be. Expenditure on public transport doesn't have to be the expense on cars or traffic or something congesting our roads.

So, we have shown here a line down Unley road that's near your Council. There's Unley shopping center, very familiar. We've put a station in the back far away. So this is Unley road, here's the Council. This is a SkyWay line, we've got 5.5 meters clearance, which is roughly what we would have. And for a station - next slide.

We can do it something that goes across the road. The roof is green. Could be solar panels. But basically, you gotta get access up to it with this escalator or lifts. You walk across. On the next slide, it is a more prospective view. And it doesn't have to look like that. That's just one possibility. You can get up to it, you can walk across, you can use it as a station. You could do that on Unley road, you could do this on Norwood Parade. Next one.

This is Norwood Parade towards the Western Eton. We go up in the main commercial area. The next slide. And on the next slide, that's the main commercial area. Probably you would see here a stop or a station. Going up the main commercial area there's a lot of trees. This can be string between the tracks. Roughly 50 meters spacing, it might be 40. These you could move out as far as you need to. Whether we would need to do some trimming of some of these branches, it is possible, but I think we could do it in the way that keeps the trees in Norwood Parade.

In the next slide, I think it's towards the temple. And you could do a stop here".

Presentation of SkyWay technology to Unley city administration

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