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16 August 2016


SkyWay on international business platform for startups and investors

Last week, SkyWay was included in the startups database at the website of the international platform InnMind (INNOvative MINDed COMmunity) with the headquartered in Switzerland. The business network InnMind provides participants with the opportunity to increase investment through promoting their own ideas and search for new investing, informational, and strategic partners. The InnMind platform brings together startup founders, corporate and private investors, corporations focused on implementing innovations, as well as researchers, experts and scientists. InnMind has a unique database of innovative technologies, an analytical platform to overview the trends in the innovative sector, as well as a social network bringing together professionals in the field of innovations.

In the section "Startups" at the platform's official website, you will find at a brief information about the SkyWay project. The users registered on the InnMind platform have access to extended information about the SkyWay string technologies project, including a product description, the intellectual property status, the volume of required investments and business evaluation.

Negotiations for posting SkyWay on the resources of InnMind platform were conducted by the Head of targeted projects service at SkyWay Technologies Co. Kirill Badulin, who met representatives of the holding company of that international organization in the framework of Startup Belarus Battle 2016 forum, where SkyWay was a participant. He also acted as an expert in the article at "How to scale your business and not to stumble at the stage of rapid growth". You can read Kirill's recommendations on sensible dealing business on the platform's website. In a brief interview, Kirill Badulin spoke about the criteria to select employees for a company, the rate a startup is growing and scaling and the challenges he had faced in his work experience.

Posting information about SkyWay on the Swiss Internet platform should be considered in the context of project promotion in the international market of venture capital investments. SkyWay inclusion into the startup environment should contribute in the long term to the pluralization of the technology development trends and its integration with promising directions of developing informational and communication systems, developments in the field of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, etc.

SkyWay on international business platform InnMind for startups and investors

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